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🌸 Lily 🌸  USC ‘20 1stphorm legionnaire: click link ! ⤵️😋

Just a picture of a chico and his cheeks 😈

Please ignore my almost eaten sandwich 😋
Would much rather be doing this than school work 🙃🤔

#positivevibes #healthylifestyle #girlswholift #peachy #gains #fitness #fitfam

Today’s workout! Give it a try 😜
✅Bent over rows 4 x 10
✅Superset 1
DB lat raises 3x10
DB front raises 3x10
✅Lat pull-downs 4x8
✅Superset 2
Upright row 3x10
Military press 3x10
✅Seated cable rows 4x10
✅DB single-arm rows 3x10

Patiently waiting for it to be summer, thannnkkk you 🤗

Sandy cheeks and kith ice cream take me back 🌞🍦

Current mood 🐾✨ my little baby 🐶

Getting that work in with a very intense and sweaty workout ! Try it out 😜 Warmup:
2 x 12 RB body weight squats
2 x 12 RB side kicks (each leg)

3 x 12 barbell squats
3 x 15 dumbbell RDL (Romanian deadlifts)
3 x 12 dumbbell split squats
3 x 12 side kicks on cable machine
4 x 15 landmine single-leg RDL
4 x 10 hip thrusts on smith machine 🔥🔥🔥

Goin into ze weekend like 😛 Getting that workout in so I can have my 🍫🍷 tonight

Got that sauce got that marinara (sauce)

Mo man stop getting bigger 😫❤️

Leg day is ze best day 😈

Am I Popeye yet?¿ 🤷‍♀️

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