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Liko Aiwohi®  Self made • Island boy✨ Te💌 • Larson talent Hawaii •

Girls shouldn’t have to put a bunch of materials on there face to reassure there beauty or to make them feel more comfortable or confident. And guys shouldn’t have to stop eating one of there favorite foods just because they are a little bigger than another.I pray for the day that all of you can feel dominant in your own lives and to know that you are all unique so stop trying to hide why you’re different! This life is yours you are the maker it’s all just one small step ahead, are you willing to make the leap? #worldpeace #selflove #comfortableinmyskin #whatareyoulivingfor

Well it has been an amazing journey these past 18 years of nothing but tough love, mental knowledge, connection with the earth, and so much more. I am ready to grow and I am thankful for everyone and everyday🎈💕🌎 #19 #liveandyoulearn #hawaii #may10th

Sunday evenings in the sun☀️

Feels like earth day was just yesterday, but wait it’s earth day everyday it’s not just designated to one day. We should be appreciating and fully using to our advantage the beautiful earth and the ground we walk everyday. As it is the only one we got🌎💕#malamatheaina #hawaii #earthday

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day ☀️💌

Always remember....Mind over matter ☝🏻👀 @salvagepublic @daejafallas 🌹#larsontalenthawaii

Moments like these always make me forget about everything else just for a second ✨🌈x2 #hawaii #nofilterneeded

Always so peaceful at the edge of diamond head 🌿✨

I love waking up to clear sky's, who else? ☀️😊 #hawaii #sun

6 months with you @tiny.tehani have been the most amazing, adventure filled, crazy and best times of my life. Followed with nonstop amounts of love, and cookies of course 😅💕🌹 #6months #shesadime #loveofmylife

Love to me is the strongest most beautiful thing in life, love can nurture an old dirt plain and turn it into a flush amazon, love can stop world war, love can turn your whole day around, and it all starts with you! I challenge all of you to love in some way today that you never have before. Help a stranger with a helping hand, or if it's finally cleaning your room for your mom, maybe even put down that remote or whatever other device that keeps you captivated and trapped and leave all that aside and love unconditionally. Maybe with just a little love and just a little effort it can take you places you've never imagined. Happy Valentine's Day 2018 💕😊🌹

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