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Likklelondon  Nia's Uncle 👑 East County Champion 🤙🏾 LUCKY🍀 🖌🥊👟

💭couldn't even find the palm tree emoji

Family 🎯@gfarda

Be content with what you have now and focus on where you will be 5 years from now. Forget what a next man has because you will never know how he got it. The majority of this stuff is nonsense anyway. Happiness is based on the stability of your loved ones. You can have the best car on the block but if your mum's hurting you'll never enjoy it. You can live in a house on the hills but if your brothers struggling you won't sleep well. And if you do your a cunt. People are the best investments you can make, if you choose the right ones. #repost @bowserceo

#IHOP best place on the planet #foodporn #food

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