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🌸  🌴filipina/spain/german 💭"Wenn ihr das Welt nennt, bin ich gern Weltfremd"

Mach all die schönen Lügen wahr.. #rosarot

I'm perfectly okay without you🌼 #newhair #schnippschnapphaareab 💇🏽

hello april.🌼

This shit feels like teenage fever💭 🌼

I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry🍟 #afterwork #frühstücken

You be the sun🌞, I'll be the moon
just let your light come shining through;
& when night comes, just like the moon,
I'll shine the light right back to you🌝 #MeinSonnenschein #HickHack #Ichliebedich

Mein Spielplatz❣️🏁 In love w/ IKEA🛍 #tb

Let's find some beautiful place to get lost


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