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shatoryia's 6ff6l🤞🏽💙  #longliveshon💙♿ #longlivecyncere💙♿ #freescooter😈💰 #free3kayy😈💰 6MG DA TEAM🤘🏽🕷💙


happy cash day momma i love you thug turn up🤞🏽💙😍

na na na na6orhoooood 🖖🏽♿🗣 1900 Wolfe st LoCz of Wolfe ♿
WolfepaCCin Cuh 🖖🏽🗣♿#longlivecyncere🖖🏽💙♿ #lononglivemashon🖖🏽💙♿

6urry me next ta all my niggas so we can chop it up forever i miss you niggas might see yall soon ian gone go cause im doing dis fa yall i love you niggas ik yall looking down on me like damn i tought liil3 everything look at em doing his shit mane i miss yall niggas rs #longliveshon🖖🏽💙♿
#longlivecyncere🖖🏽💙♿ #longliveikey🖖🏽❤🅱#longlivebrent🖖🏽❤🅱 ian no 6rent like dat 6ut long live you too thug forever living threw me 😈💯

How Claim ya a shoota 6ut you aint een shot fa da nigga who slumped ina casket 🤷🏽‍♂️🖖🏽😈-@lildav30shotz

Its my c-day turn me up yett 🤘🏽♿💙

Get out that water, you don't know how to swim️, you 6ound to drown🏊🏽‍♀️💯
Red dot on top of your nose like 6ozo, we '6out to clown😈🚀#swipeleft🖖🏽🕷

6andana on my head like im a tali6and 6itch im cool kiccing shit like im jaccie Chan🤘🏽🤫♿

Hit da bando all night till da neigh6ors ask why im up down fa so long all im thinking 6out is coming up⛽♿😈
(long live shon😈♿💯)

Mashon name yeah we rep dat if a nigga play wit him i 6et he want get his life 6acc 🤘🏽♿😈#LLSHON🤘🏽💙♿ #FREESCOOTER🤘🏽⛽🅱

If a nigga want smoke yeah we on his ass pop some hillows threw his front windshield watch da car crash🤘🏽🕷😈

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