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shatoryia's 6ff6l🤞🏽💙  Nay60rh60d Crip♿🗣 #certifiedshonstepper🤘♿💯 #longliveshon💙♿ #longlivecyncere💙♿ #brent🌎 #ikey🌎 #freedaguys🤘🏽👹 BMG DA TEAM🤘🏽🕷💙

Y'all ready 👹🖤? Every6ody repost dis hkoe💯🗣

All of my pro6lems i go knoCC em off🗣💯 up wit det gloCC and let em ring like its a private Call🤐👹 @tec_ #summer18🗣🤤

Why tf every6ody in my 6uisness dats wat ion get remem6er I was Ina trap and ian have shit just me and all my 6ruddas tryna come up ona liCC🤘🏽👹 #otb👹💙

Long live shon faeva 😩💙fuCC da opps 🖕🏽🐍free dat eastside 6a6y king🤫 #darealjaCC6oys🤫💸

If i say ya my 6rudda ya my 6rudda nun more nun less 😈💯 #ot6🤘😈

ima real nigga 6y my self ion know 6out you🤷🏽‍♂️ catch a nigga snoozing we gone knocc em out his shoes🏃🏽💯his 6ody dripping red 6ut i just gave dat 6oy da 6lues ♿ 9 6eretta ta his head ya gone here 6out it ona news️🤘🏽♿✡ -@1bmgking

Get out that water, you don't know how to swim️, you 6ound to drown🏊🏽‍♀️💯
Red dot on top of your nose like 6ozo, we '6out to clown😈🚀#swipeleft🖖🏽🕷

Hit da bando all night till da neigh6ors ask why im up down fa so long all im thinking 6out is coming up⛽♿😈
(long live shon😈♿💯)

Mashon name yeah we rep dat if a nigga play wit him i 6et he want get his life 6acc 🤘🏽♿😈#LLSHON🤘🏽💙♿ #FREESCOOTER🤘🏽⛽🅱

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