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Light The Fight  Heidi Swapp and David Kozlowski join efforts to share ways parents can help their kids who may be struggling, and improve relationships to connect

Welcome to December! It’s the time for holly and jolly and all that right? 🎄except for when it’s not all visions of sugar plums! Episode number #37 is up, and entitled “Handling the Holidays”... Heidi opens up about how she has coped with Christmas and the grief of losing her son Cory to suicide.... David gives some suggestions about updating family traditions that might have “expired” and how valuable it is to go into this time of year with some realistic expectations of yourself and others! #december1 #itstheholidayseason #lightthefight #lightthefightpodcast

when you know you shouldn’t be freaking out, but you can’t help it! 🤦🏼‍♀️ new DM is up today, and we discuss “belonging” as we answer a question about improving connections in adopted families. Solid advice from @davidkoz_ that we can all incorporate into our relationships: reminding our loved ones that we CHOOSE THEM over and over, everyday! #keeplistening #lightthefight #lightthefightpodcast #createconnection #betterinformation

Episode 36 is up, and we are talking about having “THE” talk with your kids. Which ‘talk’ you ask? It’s the new “THE” talk... take a listen to find out more, and what we feel is an amazing resource to help you open up “THE” discussion... 🎧💡🥊 #lightthefight #lightthefightpodcast #talkaboutit #brainheartworld #betterinformation #createconnection

We have all heard the phrase “time heals”, but really it’s what you do with that TIME that facilitates the healing, and further growth... and eventually turning that hurt and pain into a strength. Keep listening! The more you learn, the more you think and consider alternative perspectives on your situation and approach, increased healing and understanding will happen. If nothing changes, nothing changes! Which sounds obvious! But change is hard! Wherever you are along the way, keep listening! Re-listen! Open your mind and your heart to allow the healing in you, and in your relationships to happen! @davidkoz_ and I will be back in the studio recoding tonight- and we will be checking in LIVE, so #staytuned !! #lightthefight #timeheals #keeplistening

New Episode!! In this episode, we talk about @fightthenewdrug new documentary series #BrainHeartWorld and have someone new, give you a different perspective of pornography. We want you to watch Brain, Heart, World!! Link is in our bio and it’s free for the month of November!! Let us know what you think of this episode!
Special thank you to @fightthenewdrug for making this and spreading this message!
Check out the Fortify App in the App Store if you need help fighting pornography!

Today we honor the men and women who have served our country, and blessed each one of us by fighting for our safety and protecting the peace we enjoy. 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻 we honor your service and sacrifice

Today we posted our newest episode, it’s entitled “Villian, Victor and Victim” #34 .... skip to this episode and learn how to walk the tight rope between being the parent who plays the hero or the villian... to help your child out of a victim mentality. This episode is a game changer! Go listen!! #lightthefight #lightthefightpodcast #startnow #nevertoolate #onedayatatime #buildingrelationships

Last weekend we hosted our 2nd “Parenting 18.0” workshop here in Salt Lake. David and I both loved meeting those in attendance, and are so grateful for the opportunity to share our experiences and support parents as they #lightthefight 💡🥊 don’t miss our most recent episode “survey says” episode no.33 and we would love to hear your #feedback !! #lightthefightpodcast #lightthefight

Connection has to happen first. before trust. before understanding. before listening. And connection is impossible when there is anger, resentment, lack of respect and constant conflict... Take a break from the stress and worry in your relationship with loved ones, set aside expectation and outcomes... and have some fun! Connection happens when we laugh, love, play, relax... take time to create sincere connection with the people you love the most today! #taketime #lightthefightpodcast

This past week David was able to be on @studio5ksl to talk about the Oldest Child Relationship. It’s complexities and the two roles that oldest child will take on! If you want to learn more listen to episode #016 !

Thursday evening @davidkoz_ and I had dinner with about 15 of our new closest friends for “Dinner with David” 🍽 it was seriously an amazing experience... it was awesome to meet listeners! And i always love to hear David’s responses to questions that I believe most parents struggle with. I am so thankful for all that the podcast has taught me! 💡🥊 ⭐️ just a quick reminder that NEXT FRIDAY AND SATURDAY (nov 2-3) is our workshop “Parenting. 18.0” and it’s almost full. We do have a few more tickets which can be purchased through the website. Come join us! You will be amazed by how much you will learn in such a short time... ALSO! We just published a new DM!! Take a listen! #lightthefight #podcast #parentingpodcast #listentolearn #workshop

Last night as we were recording this week’s podcast episode, @davidkoz_ shared something with me that was a total lightbulb moment! 💡💡💡 this statement: “every relationship has an expiration date” was once again totally non-intuitive for me, but also made perfect sense!! GO LISTEN! And I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!! 💡🎧🥛 #lightthefight #expired #parenting #listentolearn #lightbulbmoment #thanksdavid

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