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LightStim  The Beauty of Technology Clinically proven, FDA cleared Anti-Aging, Acne & Pain devices safe for all skin types. The Leader in LED Light Therapy ✨

We often get asked if you have to change your entire skincare routine to incorporate LightStim... ⠀

Don't worry about switching up! Keep your same regimen, just wait until after you've used your Light to apply products such as benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A, or Vitamin A 🙌🏼💕⠀

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Facial booked ✔️⠀

Ask your esthetician to add LightStim to your next visit! ⠀

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Good sleep = good skin 😴💖⠀

During your sleep, your skin has time to recuperate and can add longevity to collagen! Don't forget to sleep on your back to avoid pressure to the skin.⠀

Treat yourself to a full 8 hours! ⠀

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Want to get glowing, healthy skin? 💞⠀

Consider this your weekly reminder to clean your makeup brushes! (And use LightStim for Acne while they're drying.)⠀

Trust us, your skin will thank you later 😉⠀

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” 💫⠀

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Meet our Skin Care line 👋🏼💖⠀

Our PhotoSerum, PhotoMasque, and BodySerum are activated by the light spectrum of LightStim and contain Hyaluronic Acid.⠀

Have you tried Hyaluronic Acid on your skin yet?⠀

Click through the link in our bio to learn more...⠀

Tuesday Tip: Give yourself a digital detox. ⠀

Take a night off from the screen– spend some quality time with a good book, a friend, or your couch 🙌🏼⠀

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Get your glow on 🌟💕⠀

In between crossing things off of your to-do list, take care of your skin! ⠀

How do you add LightStim into your daily routine? ⠀

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Say bye to wrinkles with LightStim ✌🏼🌸⠀

P.S. For best results, don't forget to stay hydrated, moisturize, use a product with an SPF daily, and get your rest, too! ⠀

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Hey Monday... will you accept this rose?🌹⠀

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It's time to make magic happen ✨💗⠀

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It's #SelfcareSunday 💕 What are your favorite ways to get ready for the upcoming week? ⠀

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