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Sor Sor  "The World JUDGES me.. Because the DECISION I make. But they-- NEVER SEE the OPTIONS -- I had to choose from."(January 2, 2015.) D.O.B January 19

Hey everyone!

How is going? 😅

You guys should read this manga!! It’s called I love Yoo. It’s amazing and the main characters is my favorite

Question: Do you like having posters on your wall or leave the walls plain?
I love putting stuff on my walls. From poems, song, picture that either I made or my friends, Deadpool, justice league, black light poster and my favorite animes. 🦊 hope everyone has a good night or have a good day! Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares💜☺️

This is a really good manga to read☺️ Sorry everyone for being inactive. There has been a lot going on..
My mom had a baby and I have a new baby sister, and senior at high school really does put stress on you. I’m won’t be active for awhile again, or I might just never come back. Sorry everything that I got to know on this account. You all have been great to know, and I am glad you all came into my life, but I think it’s time for a change.

Don’t worry I’ll kingdom hearts fan for the rest of my life and I won’t forget any of either. Anyway have a nice night 💜👋🏻

How is everyone doing? -
It is Sunday September 17th
Next month is October 😁you know what that means!

Ahhhhh today haven't been good at all.. this week sucks a lot.. and I wish it would be over with.
Sorry that I am not active anymore, or talk anymore.
Hope everyone is well😁❤️
How is your week going?

My friend showed this to me☺️ thank you friend.
Hope you all are having a good summer. What have you been up to?

Good Morning everyone ☺️
I hope you all day a good day yesterday, and i know some of you don't celebrate the Fourth of July (me included) but I hope you all day a good fourth✌🏻
Hope you all have a wonderful day❤️

Repost from @namine_kh.2 -
How often do you play video games?
Well I hope everyone has a good day! ☺️

My Bun bun had more baby bunnies 😍🐰 happy first summer!!

Good night everyone ☺️ -

Hope you all had a good day or I hope you have a wonderful day!

Honestly I love this picture so much! ❤️
Hope everyone is doing great 😁 sorry that I am way less active now
How was your day, or how is the night going?

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