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When you’re eating sushi, hitting that uncle Rico glamour shots pose, and getting delivered atomic bombs by your business partner lemme tell you...lots to smile about. #ohthehumanity #sushi #bizpartners #thatinboxtho 😂

Y’all need to go read this one. Not just because of my amazingly humorous prose but because this leg workout is fun and pretty brutal. Oh yeah, shout out to my brother from Aussie mother @coacheugeneteo who I gave total creds to for his awesome glute and hammy movement. That’s how you distribute love.

The five love languages explained in a way most everyone can understand.

I don't know if you've ever seen that video where the guy talks about holding on to the bottle of water with your arm extended. He goes on to say that the longer you hold it out, in an extended position, the more you will struggle. The more pain you'll be in. The weight, size, and shape of the water bottle never changes. All that has to happen for the pain to cease, is for you to let go of it. And yet so often, we make the choice to stay in a certain place, arms extended, in an enormous amount of pain. Truly, there's nobility enmeshed in the cause of enduring for virtuous reasons. There are certain pains in this life that must be endured for the necessity of personal growth. But there are pains that live longer than need be, due to our inability to shed the fears that come with letting go. Tony Robbins said "change occurs when the pain of staying the same, becomes greater than the fear of change." How enormous are our fears at times, that we cling to an eviscerating emotional pain, rather than overcoming said fears? And despite the fact that we've often experienced these pains many times in our life, and know that letting go of what is not meant for us brings us peace and tranquility...we still often embrace that arms extended water-bottle position for far too long. To close, think about this - I read a psychological article a while back about discipline(s). We can only apply so much discipline, to so many areas in our life. No different, we have a limited amount of emotional energy to invest each and every day. If you're hurting, invest in letting go. Walking away from what is not meat for you, what doesn't value you, what doesn't respect you, means you're making a commitment to walk towards what you feel that you deserve.

I took @grantsunpointfitness through some bodyweight leg work today and he was totally smashed after. Will have an upcoming article on this madness soon.

When you’re getting overrun with sweet loving from the ladies. 😍

A few little wrinkles on the cable side lateral. I like to do these leaning as it gets the deltoid just a bit more lengthened than when remaining upright. The other wrinkle is to let the cable run between the legs rather than in front or behind them. This means the line of resistance is directly in line with the lateral portion of the delt. Lastly, I use an underhand grip so that during the concentric the lateral head of the delt will be “on top” during the movement (rather than the anterior delt). These little adjustments make this version of the side lateral a more effective and efficient side delt builder.

Want to give a huge thanks to @mature_muscle_ for welcoming us to house of pain gym here in St. Louis. Amazing gym that you have to get out to it you’re in this area. Joe was beyond gracious and accommodating and most impressive is that he’s celebrating 30 years of marriage tomorrow! Now THAT is awesome. Thanks so much for having us in, Joe. I also bought some clothes. 😂🙏🏻

Oh look, I’m doing some skwats!!! Actually it’s paused skwats. High bar paused skwats were my bread and butter during the years I was really strength priority focused and were always my support movement to my competition squat. But I also spent plenty of months not doing low bar squats and using high bar pause skwats as the mainstay. There’s a number of reasons why. Low bar squats done with maximal loading are incredibly hard on the hips. Just take a gander at all of the guys in powerlifting that lived on low bar squats for years and years with bad hips and/or even hip repayments. With the high bar the lever arm is further from the knee joint making it more quad dominant, also allowing you to stay more upright (part of the reason the lever arm is further from the knee). This means less torque on the hips, sparing them a lot of wear and tear. It’s a really good idea to spend your non-competitive strength cycles NOT using low bar and not focusing on maximal intensities and instead focusing on explosiveness with submaximal loads with this version. Without fail, when my cycles of high bar pause squats improved, my low bar competition squat would follow suit when I went back to it. Today was a metric butt ton of sets of 5 after all of my lunges. Simple and effective.

It’s the lord’s day, y’all. You thought I’d forgotten? I had lunch with an old friend today and I said something that was profound. Yes, me. I know, I was amazed just as much as you are right now. I said “The distribution of your emotional energy has to feel efficient and productive.” I kept thinking there’s gotta be more to add to that but I liked it all on its own. And later I thought about this quite from Anais Nin. Cause it’s one of my favorites. And it’s incredibly profound as well. I don’t debate over which is more profound. I feel good about being profound today so let me be! 😂. Back to tying these two things together. I fully believe in something called our emotional center. It’s where we’re at when we’re not ruled by our anxiety and fear of the worst possible outcome. It’s where we find in the ability to embrace a healthy indifference while simultaneously projecting our greatest amount of empathy and understanding. If you’ve ever read that quote “I’m going to love like I’ve never been hurt before”’s there. When we can find that energy. It’s when we don’t respond to anger with anger (I’m indifferent to your words...) and instead do so with the knowledge that it’s based out of pain (...because I know you’re hurting right now, so I want you to feel heard). When we lose that center, our emotions become erratic and highly unproductive. And it’s within those places of volatility that we choose scorn and judgement and ridicule. It’s where we inflict wounds and transgressions. It is where we tarnish what was once beautiful into something mangled. Despite the fact that I used the word “emotions” here, love is actually not an emotion. It’s a choice we make in spite of how we might feel in that moment. To not allow our emotions to overrun our ability to choose words that dissolve, destroy, betray, and splinter. Loving something is a matter of the will and the volition. Not emotions. When something dies that we are responsible for, then it means we neglected our duty and responsibly to feed and water it appropriately. God has never fallen out of love with us. Despite being turds. That is called reckless love...and it’s awesome. ❤️

Need to get your biceps screaming? Give this twist on 21’s a whirl. Use the low cable and really focus on the squeeze. With regular barbell 21’s there’s still some wasted range if motion due to the resistance curve associated with a free weight. With the cable there’s no dead areas in the ROM and by the time you get to the final 7 from the top your biceps will truly hate you for this.

I know being immersed in the physical culture has an overarching theme of being appreciated for what we look like, but don’t forget that who you are and what you’re cultivating internally will play the biggest role in finding greater joy in your life. •

Is my giving of equal value?

All of us have someone in our life who gives to us, and supports us. Are you giving back just as equally to this person? It doesn’t necessarily mean matching them gift for gift, or is about dollar signs. But emotional energy. Are you supporting them in their endeavors? Do you consistently offer up words of encouragement when they are low? Do you ask questions about what’s important to them and really digest their answers? Do you text them “good morning” before you check your email or social media? The people who give to you do so because they care about you, your life, your goals, your dreams. But I assure you they want to feel valued by you as well.
Even the most dedicated people in your life will eventually walk away from you if they don’t feel valued and appreciated. It’s your job to do that unless you want to lose them. Loyal people don’t grow on trees. Appreciate and value them daily. •

What am I claiming ownership of? •

This is one of the biggest principles of life I’ve come to know, and work to apply. What emotional position am I working from and claiming ownership each day, and in each situation? Am I making assumptions and allowing negative thoughts to rule my words and actions? Or am I collecting all the facts and then coming to a decision based on that? Trust me, I get it. Many of us claim ownership of the “worst” because we’ve been disappointed by people so many times in our life. But how many times do you think you’ve potentially manifested a negative outcome based on your past? “Everyone lies to me” “Everyone betrays me” “Everyone stabs me in the back”. Sure, these things happen to each of us. But when we claim ownership of these places then these places are where outcome will come to fruition.
What we believe will drive our words and actions. And those things will create the outcome. Have a great day, fam.

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