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I have an article about this that will be out soon but I’m going to go ahead and throw this at you young guys that claim you want to build muscle and get jacked. .
The picture on the right of me with a full on pie face was taken when I was about 30 years old. I was 100% natty there. Not even a pro hormone had ever been taken. I was about 255-258 pounds there. That was the culmination of 16 years of training and eating that had one purpose: to get as big and massive as possible. Again - 100% natty there bruh. Was I lean? Hell naw. That was full on bulking from hell for years on end. I actually credit all those years doing that for giving me the foundation of what I have today. There was no social media around to get likes for abs or shreds. And I truly believe that for a lot of young guys today, their obsession to look good for likes on social media can short circuit their efforts to do what’s truly necessary in order to build a quality foundation of muscle. With you stay lean year round and refuse to go through the right of passage that is required to grow (power shoveling food and doing basic movements focused on breaking rep PR’s) then don’t expect much growth. The pic on the left is a few days after my show back in 2016. I stepped onstage at 225 pounds. -

I remember Dante Trudel talking about how guys need to stop worrying about being lean all the time when they are young and to look at the guys they are in their late 30’s and early 40’s that get to walk around lean with a lot of muscle. And take some time to understand how they arrived there. It’s a process. And it’s one that’s been done by virtually every dude that has a solid foundation of muscle who gets to walk around jacked and lean. You don’t arrive there by staying lean for likes and followers. You have to ask yourself if you’re in the gym and at the dinner table to grow or for likes and views. I’m glad I cut my teeth in the gym during a time when there was no social media or Internet. It allowed me to focus on the real reasons I was there. To build as much muscle and strength as possible.

Props to @cody.boomboom for making this. A principle that @thibarmy and I covered in the maximum muscle bible. Regardless of goals recovery should be the centerpiece of training. Always. If you’re not meeting the demands for recovery then both performance and growth will be compromised. The exception here is when one is training for a performance relegated competition and needs to take advantage of supercompensation. But outside of that, you’re dealing with three variables that you have to adjust to meet the need for recovery. Volume, frequency, and intensity. When you’re designing your own routine or program pick the two you enjoy and down regulate the third. So if you like training balls out with set extending techniques like drop sets or rest/pause then you’re working with high degree of “perceived intensity” (also known as effort, duh). From there you’d adjust either volume or frequency down. That’s just one example and IG only allows for so many words, but I hope you get the drift. Manipulate these three variables to meet your own recovery needs but it’s also a good idea to periodize through cycles where two of the variables are more emphasized than the other.

When you turn into Ron Burgundy and do about a thousand.

There’s so much debate that still goes on about how to look good naked and it’s mind blowing to me. Because it’s so simple. ——— Protein - 1-1.5 grams per pound of body weight. In a caloric surplus you can actually get away with less protein because if there is a surplus of carbs they serve to be protein sparing. It’s in a significant caloric deficit where upping your protein is more important. Generally because most people reduce carbohydrates intake and the body can/will convert protein to glucose for energy IF NEED BE. Generally speaking, however, you will be just fine sticking to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. ———- Calories, Carbs and fats - This is where the superiority crew shows up to say one or the other is more important than the other. When it comes to fat loss and improved body composition, it’s been shown over and over that when protein and calories are equated for, there’s no clear winner. Point to be taken from that is this - adjust carbs/fats to your preference in order to get into an energy deficit. That’s it. That’s all. ——— Gut health - This is where food selection plays a major role. The gut and brain work on a bidirectional pathway in the body. So the state of gut plays a role in how you feel, mental acuity, and mood. Likewise, the brain 🧠 plays a role in the state of the gut. If you’re stressed out and worried all the time then over time cortisol can become chronically elevated. Stress wreaks havoc on the mind and body. Too much psychological stress is associated with an inability to regulate the inflammatory response. Chronic inflammation decreases insulin sensitivity, is connected to depression and virtually every major disease known to man. Take home? Take care of your gut by choosing not to eat garbage and take care of your brain by managing stress levels in your life. Hug, cuddle, laugh, spend time with friends, have a lot of sex.
In essence, lift some weights, do some cardio for your heart and the restorative effects, eat quality food, and make loving people and your life a priority. Then you’ll look good and feel good inside and out. 👊🏻💪🏻 @testosteronenation

For whatever reason this little snippet from an article I did hit home with a lot of people as I’ve been tagged in it or had it sent to me about 500 times the last few weeks. I guess every once in a while I write something mildly insightful. 🤔

Fun with my littlest lady today. 😊

My article on depression and men got a lot of traction this week. What was great was all the comments I got to read from men who really identified with the struggles I hit on in that piece, and the various ways we should be approaching our lives in order to better ourselves, so that it transcends into something better for not only us, but the people who want to be a part of it, our journey, and give us the feeling that we’re not alone in that walk. It can be painful to look inwards and approach who we are with brutal honesty and accountability. The journey inwards often breaks open wounds and removes all the scar tissue that we’ve built over the years in covering up where we feel the most vulnerable. Our mind doesn’t really want to venture into those places. The truth is, we develop emotional survival mechanisms over the years in order to cope, and continue functioning at a level that from the outside world, looks normal. But inside we know we’re not where we want to be. We tell ourself a story about our life that is intimately attached to all of our hardships and find a negative identity based in that. It’s imperative for us to tell ourselves a new story about who we are. And that story can be told in a way that empowers us into who we really want to be, how we want to live, and the depth we can embrace and give love. Until we retell our own story we will continue to work from a place of feeling less than, a place of self loathing, criticism, cynicism, ridicule, regret, anger, and fear. Ask yourself this - are you working from these places on the daily? And if so, how do you expect to honor who you really to be, and honor the people you love? It’s our responsibility to peel away the layers of scar tissue we’ve been protecting ourselves with, and learn how to heal our own past, so that our present can be lived from a place of love, grace, empathy, consideration, patience, and understanding. But we must first give ourselves grace and learn how to love who we are, in order to give those things to others. Have a great day, fam.

When they bring you extra ice cream. 😬

These are easily my most favorite rear delt movement. And the one I really feel the most activation with by the rear delts. I’ve posted these before but here they are again. Rear delt swings. It’s pretty straight forward. Keep the arms locked, raise the hands back to the rear. It’s perfectly ok to get a swinging motion going and it’s likely you feel the rear delts really get blow torched by doing that. Especially if you choose a weight that allows you to do sets in the 20-30 rep range. @testosteronenation

Attitude is everything. Don’t let the world dictate your attitude. Don’t let other people dictate how you feel about you. No one gets decide how you will face today except you. No one gets to decide how you feel about you...but you. Whatever has happened in your life doesn’t define you. Your identity isn’t your past, and you get a choice to write your own story each and everyday. So here you go....May this picture be the metaphorical representation of how awesome your Monday will be. Happy Monday, fam.

It's the Lord's day, ya'll.  Have you ever had a moment in your life, where you heard a song again or watched a movie with a deep metaphor, and through experience that song or movie meant something completely different to you than it did years before those experiences happened?  I'm sure you probably have.  Life has a way of changing the context of something to us through association.  This is how paradigm shifts occur in our life.  I've often written that people don't change until there's either a need for it, or because something cataclysmic happens that forces them to reexamine their beliefs.  We then often arrive at a place of deep internalizing that forces us to face who we are, what we believe, why we say and do the things we do.  It's an inward journey that can be painful and ugly, because if we're honest with ourselves, we begin to recognize the spaces we're working out of.  I'm talking about where our heart is at, which is something John Eldredge talks about repetitively. And while I've read that countless times, and understood the context, the application of that is just now beginning to really appear in my life.  And it's ugly.  What I mean, is once you become more self aware, you start to see all the little idiosyncrasies about who you are, that work from a place of judgement, manipulation, control, fear, criticism, selfishness, and validation.  All places that we work from more often than we'd like to be honest about.  When you're working from these places, then it's virtually impossible to work from a place of love, consideration, concern, and empathy.  At least, not consistently.  Internal peace cannot exist when internal dialog is rife with fear and anxiety.  So when I now read the word's from Christ when he says we become a new doesn't read to me like it used to.  When I read where Christ says "it's the spirit that gives life"....I realize he's talking about our heart, our true self, and working from our own spirit. From that place, we begin to let go of the things we believe make us who we are (which are worldly) and embrace letting go of that. From this “new creature” we love authentically. Have a great day fam.

In today’s training adventure I give you an example of “do what I say and not what I do”. This is about the 5th time I’ve run The Shield phase of the Super Solider and each time I feel stronger and stronger. Today I show how to completely circumvent that process by allowing ego to rule the training day instead of sticking to the plan. Right now I’m using different rotations of Romanians and stiff legs for my dominant hamstring movements. Today was deficit stiff legs and after 500x8 I decided that 545 for a triple should be done. Nevermind that I didn’t program that way. What’s important was to ignore what’s been working and to just go after it. That’s sarcasm if you didn’t pick up on it. Here’s the thing about doing this - the whole reason you feel strong is because you’re not overrunning your recovery. When you decide to “go for it” and venture outside of what’s working you often throw recovery into a deeper hole. Whether you do this via more work or more pounds on the bar is irrelevant. I don’t do this often but it does happen because I’m imperfect and still succumb to those imperfections at times. My advise to you is to stick to what’s working and what makes you feel strong from session to session. In my defense this is the first time I’ve done this in a long time. I expect to potentially pay for it with some workout hangover.

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