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Legs and calves have come a long way!! Never skip leg day!! #flashbackfriday

Patiently waiting for the green light to start leaning out. I won’t deny this ..... I miss the stage so much but i have been busy with work training 10-12 clients a day. Love my job and wouldn’t traded for anything 💪🏽💪🏽. I’ll keep you guys updated but in the meantime I’m training hard and trying to put on some size ! #roadtoolympia2019 #ifbbpro #mensphysique #maybeclassicphysique

Beautiful Paris !!! This off season I have been traveling with my girlfriend , seeing new sights, discovering new cultures, working , training hard and enjoying my time off the stage. I will be back my people!!! This peanut ain’t done yet ! I see myself stepping on that Olympia stage 2019 #paris #museedulouvre

Proud of my team!!!! They just got off stage and walked away with some hardware 🏆🏆🏆🏆. These guys followed everything 100% and I’m proud of them!!!. #proudcoach #teammigz
Kevin @kevquinonez 3rd place novice
Sean @bosssantos195 2nd place novice and 2nd place open
AB @a_b_fitness524 2nd place novice and 3rd place open

I’m SPEECHLESS, and that is rare. These guys wanted something and they gave their entire heart to the process for 19 weeks ! I’m so proud to be their coach. This transformation took more then just “wanting it” it took pure dedication, hard work, persistency and consistency. I just to wish them good luck at their first NPC show this sat !
Thank you for trusting me with your fitness goals. I am that coach that practices what he preaches. I have been in their shoes. I understand eating the same food every day (sometimes cold), fasted cardio at 5 am, working out when you are carb depleted, meal prepping , bringing your food everywhere, skipping out on birthday , holidays and social gatherings. I don’t put anyone through something that I haven’t done !! Diet is key !!! I see way to many people killing themselves at the gym with no results and it’s cause they are not putting in ALL the work with their diet . I see trainers wasting entire session on having their clients do sit ups to “burn body fat” in their mid section and “get Abs”. I will end it with this.. NONE OF THESE GUYS DID ONE SINGLE SIT UP OR WORKED ON THIER ABS THE WHOLE 19 WEEKS!
Abs are made in the kitchen !!!!

Don't let others discourage you from your goals and dreams, always remember.......You had goals long before they had an opinion 💪🏽💪🏽. Can’t wait to get back into prep!!! I’m thinking at the end of May to start prepping for Olympia 2019 ! I’m my own motivation !!!

Picture on the left was my 2nd amateur show in 2013. The picture on the right was taken a few weeks before my pro debut 2017. It’s important to document the good the bad, the ugly and the great because you can always look back and see how far you have come and where you can improve. So if you are on this journey the one piece advice i can give you is TAKE PROGRESS PHOTOS!! #fbf #fitness #mensphysique #ifbbpro #ifbbpromensphysique #motivation

There always comes a time in our fitness journey when all we have in the beginning is just a burning desire to reach our goals. Which seems easy right ?? If you desire it and work on it you will achieve it. If it was only that easy !! That’s why I see so many people year after year never get the results they want. Sometimes what lacks is a missing pieces to all of that .. that piece is MOTIVATION !
That’s where I hope I can step in through this social media platform.
If I motivate you to get up every morning and get you through the day making healthy decisions and being active then I'm doing my job. I wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything!

Lean / big or semi big and conditioned !! That was the goal from day one. You know like the the fitness stars we all see being featured in magazines or on the covers of magazines.
I always wanted to look like them !!! That’s how it all started. I had tunnel vision from that day.. nothing was going to stop me from achieving the the body I wanted. PERIOD.
Now this didn’t happen overnight nor did it happen first show or second or third!!!! This video was leading to my last show in 2017!!! My point is every year/ every time you do a show the objective and goal should be to keep getting better and better!!! Now I will be very honest here and tell you this is no way to live (for me)!!! I have off seasons so I can rest, grow and set new goals and when it’s time to cut down .... So remember be patient, have a strict diet , do cardio , have a great coach in your corner , get your blood work done, be smart about what you take and do your research always !!!!

READ !!! Well..... check out this #flashbackfriday !
First show vs my last show.
I started my journey in the competing world as a full fledge rookie!
All I wanted was shredded Abs 🤣 so 5 years ago I hired a coach to help me out but he convinced me I should do a show since I was already lean. Well I did the show and didn’t place my first show at all. I was so mad that i didn’t even show up for the night show 🤣 (Rookie mistake). I have been an athlete all my life so I’m competitive by nature. I was pissed because i worked my ass off for months to get on stage place and win that trophy so when I didn’t I knew I couldn’t GIVE UP !
This shit fired me up !! I made up my mind to pursue men’s physique pro card (which was the new category that just had come up). Fast forward to last year it took me years to get up there with in the pro league! Proud because i never ever gave up (doubted myself many times but didn’t let that stop me). It actually opened up a lot of doors for me. It became my career (personal training). I moved to LA to grow my business I seriously thank God everyday I get to do what I love and help so many people get in shape. This is my passion I take it serious it makes me super proud to motivate my clients and help them push through their own fitness obstacles 💪🏽💪🏽 #fitness #mensphysique #ifbbproleague #ifbbpro #beforeandafter

Bonjour from Paris !!!!! We decided last minute to take a small trip to Paris !! This has been a great way to end my birthday trip. (Check my stories to see behind the scenes from our trip) #paris #eiffeltower #paris #france

Well......officially 30 years old !! I’m proud of the accomplishments I have made these last 4 years in LA with my career. It’s allowed me to travel to places and experience things i never dreamt of. I’m excited about my 30’s and what’s to come. I appreciate all the text messages, calls, dm’s wishing me a great birthday 🎁 ! Currently in Spain Barcelona celebrating life! January 26th 1988

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