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I promise i will beat this physique next year !!! Training hard this off season 💪🏽💪🏽 fuk it.... might even switch to classic 😎 #tbt

2012 was the first time I stepped on stage. Before stepping on stage I had heard NO a million times. I had even told myself there is no way you can do this “your physique is not built enough” I’m sharing this with you because after 11 shows in 5 years the number 1 thing I did different was I envisioned myself getting better, stronger and beating my previous physique. When I was doing my first show I honestly didn't know the bodybuilding sport/world required a lot of sacrifices, all I knew is that I was competitive and nothing was gonna stop me from stepping on that stage over and over again till I turned PRO.
The top first row was from my local shows.
Second row were all my national shows and on the third pic was when I turned pro! The last row as you guys know was my professional shows this past year !!! More to come cause I’m not done here ! Again ENVISION your dream and chase after it . #motivationmonday

Ladies and gentlemen after what feels like several months of dealing with injuries and health issues, this boy is back on track with his off season training 💪🏽 We are all living our lives while trying to pursue our fitness goals so with that comes highs and lows and sometimes major sets backs.
I hope you guys are checking out my Instagram stories workouts !! I like to keep it real and motivate you all by showing real clients working out, real results and even my own workouts. Shit, I’m not the strongest but I can guarantee you guys I am trying my best! Some days you will see me go heavy but know that I’m smart about it as well never risking injury. I push myself to motivate myself so I can finish my workout everyday !

If you haven't already heard there are new IFBB rules to qualify for Olympia. Here is the most important rule from what I understand. - Winning 1 show no longer qualifies you for Olympia.
What does that mean ??? As a competitor I will need to compete in a certain amount of shows to gain points to qualify to step on that stage. Basically, SHIT just got real! What does that mean for me as a competitor?? One I'm not giving up and Two my 2018 prep will require even more dedication.
As for my off season my focus is training hard, improving on my weak areas , building on a already solid personal training career and as always staying consistent with my diet with a little bit of flexibility to enjoy life.

Being on prep limits me from doing a lot of things so on my off season my girl and I get to enjoy ourselves. I surprised my girl with horseback riding in Malibu. BTW this was my first time on a horse and if you haven't tried it, it's a must !

WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO!!! BOY, what a difference 5 years makes !
You all know the years just fly by. You can either sit and hope to change your physique or put in the hard work and make it happen. This video is proof we all start somewhere.
I came across this old video of me as an amateur in the sport. I was learning how to pose for the division of men's physique. Clearly my physique wasn't as built as it is now but I had a vision. I knew I wanted to make it to the top like the other pros out there. As I watch this video back I realize, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.
I just knew it was something I wanted really bad !! All I wanted was to prove to myself I could do it and I wanted to shut all the people down who once told me I couldn’t make it.
I work my ass off everyday at the gym. I can now sit here and watch the video and honestly say I’m proud of what I have achieved and the progress I have made! I hope this transformation video can inspire anyone who might be that guy or girl in the first part of the video just starting to get better for yourself 💪🏽

I would’ve have never thought I would be able to build a physique like this. I first stepped into the gym at 17 and like anyone else I wanted that quick fix and results right away
Damn was I wrong!
I spent years picking up every bodybuilding magazine I could get my hands on and read them front to back just to learn any tips or tricks. The goal for me was to get better every year, to push myself mentally and physically! It takes YEARS of hard work to build a great physique. So, whatever your personal goal is you have to commit to the time it takes to achieve the look you want. And guess what? We are never satisfied when we get there ! As that saying goes " once you start lifting .... “you are forever small" lol

Coming back strong next year !!!! I know I will make it on that Olympia stage / whether it's next year or whenever it's my time !! I JUST KNOW THAT I DONT GIVE UP!!!!! #ifbbpro #mensphysique #cutz #olympia #tbt

This fitness thing is a journey, your journey !! What would you tell your old fitness self?? I would tell him .. Don't give up! It takes time and consistency there will be ups and downs but don't give up .. #ifbbpro

Current back on the top ( had the worst off season with lots of injuries and dealing with some health issues). Bottom pic a few weeks out from a show last season (Huge difference)

This is to show you where I'm at currently and finally getting into my normal routine lifting heavy. NOT afraid to show you my off season pics !! I want you guys to see that we competitors are humans too and we slip off many times.

😂😂that's how I take my vids when my girlfriend is not around to send my coach checkings #tripod. Anyways - this whole Olympia weekend got me so hyped up for next year ! 2018 is my goal to make it on that big stage. If my coach and I bring same condition, a better back (which I'm working on it this off season) we'll be good to make it at the Olympia 2018. Huge congrats to all the competitors this past weekend 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. #ifbbpro #mensphysique #cutz

Double D's 😉. I get this question all the time .....how to build a chest?? To tell you the truth / TIME AND YEARS OF HARD WORK . There's no secret workouts to it. My best answer will be to keep it simple and old school ! Try it all : high reps , low reps , supersets 💪🏽

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