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Dr. Mario Novo, PT, DPT  •Doctor of Physical Therapy •Research Associate •University Professor •Clinical Instructor •Entrepreneur

I am so proud to be partnering with a top education company like @kinesport_official in Europe to help expand the science of #bloodflowrestriction
Myself alongside @thehpm @bfrtraining @healthybodypt & @thebfrpros are so excited to open up courses overseas which are now available for registration (see bio for sign up link). Thank you for those who played a role in developing this relationship through integrity, trust, passion and respect.
Thank you as well to each and every person who follows my profile. None of it would have been possible without you.
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Another great #bloodflowrestrictiontraining @smarttoolsusa course
If you are interested in #bfrtraining and want to accelerate your performance or that of your clients and patients DM is for more info.

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Another awesome #bloodflowrestriction @smarttoolsusa course in WI with Catalyst PT.

Here is @matt10sn crushing some low load chest press specifically for muscle mass.
Do you want to be BFR certified? DM me for more information.
For more #bfrtraining Information like how to apply, programming and safety, visit @thebfrpros @thehpm @bfrtraining

Rep ranges matter!
Stimulating reps for hypertrophy and strength (tendon stiffness included) vary to a degree.
Lower rep, high effort work is beneficial for strength development but can aid in muscle growth is more sets are performed. Example 3 rep max repeated for 5 sets provides 15 stimulating reps for strength and hypertrophy (result of high threshold motor unit recruitment due to the force velocity relationship). This strength snack was performed after 5 rep max repeated for 3 sets providing another 15 stimulating reps at an intensity still sufficient for hypertrophy but potentially different for strength and tendon at (5vs3 RM). Loads of learning still in the tank with @thehpm and @chrisabeardsley

Just, wow... When you want something in life, you pursue it, breathe it, live it. Congrats to @steficohen for an incredible display of strength. She is a prominent figure in both the fitness and clinical industry.
#Repost @hayden.bowe with @get_repost
225 kg / 495 lbs @ 123 lb body weight. 11 lbs over the current all time world record squat. WOW! @steficohen
Video Cred: @animalpak

Haha filming this was a trip!

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‪Coming to #CelticWarriorWorkouts - it’s the return of @Rusevig on his #NameDay for a special BFR workout designed to give the ultimate Pump! Subscribe coz #RusevDay. Link in bio 👆🏻👆🏻

No two other guys are as hard working as @wwesheamus and @rusevig
It was a great day sharing some of what I do but more importantly build some solid friendships in the pursuit of performance, health and lifting heavy.

@thebfrpros @thehpm
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Blood flow restriction #bfrtraining is a tool.

It doesn’t replace heavy weight lifting, plyometrics or sprinting. @mountaindog1 @wwesheamus @nohlsen @bpakfitness @the_muscle_doc @mad_scientist_duffin
When programmed correctly BFR training can make a substantial difference but this is different per situation and population.
This could be inseason, dieting, post injury, post surgery or aging and the longevity model of exercise for performance and health.

@thebfrpros are bridging the gap between heavy weight/high intensity and situations where access to these training tools should be postponed, reduced or stoped for a period of time due to risk of injury or re injury.

BFR doesn’t replace the decades of research in weight training, rather it adds and furthers our understanding of the role of metabolic stress and fatigue in regards to muscle physiology and exercise @bradschoenfeldphd @drandygalpin @chrisabeardsley @jploenneke
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BFR is becoming a focus on much research due to its effectiveness at eliciting muscle growth, strength and cardiovascular benefits with low intensity training which is relevant post injury, surgery, overtraining, and elderly when moderate to heavy training may need to be avoided for various individual risk reasons.

BFR depending on how programmed can also help within the healthy population but should still be viewed through the lens of outcomes where considerations are made to each individual participant.
Weight training while pregnant is becoming more common place with many moms demonstrating true athleticism during this beautiful process of brining a new life into the world. Where BFR specifically fits around this conversation has everything to do with safety to the mom and the baby.
Expecting moms should be encouraged to stay active and consider intensity changes as they progress due to either blood pressure changes, blood sugar, and obviously body changes as the baby grows.

Because there is a normal increase in blood pressure during pregnancy, adding BFR May not make the most sense as it can also elevate blood pressure by artificially increasing peripheral resistance of what we call systolic blood pressure. For some mother’s preeclampsia or excessive blood pressure is a risk and many times forces some moms to manage their blood pressure through activity modification and some safe over the counter drugs. Because research into pregnancy with BFR will likely be difficult it will likely stay contraindicated or restricted.

Equally, BFR has demonstrated to increase In anabolic hormones (testosterone, IGF-1, GH) through above normal levels of metabolic stress (greater than what is seen with lite to moderate loading) we are just unfamiliar of how this can effect the growing baby.
Do no harm everyone. Promote active, healthy, and strong moms.

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Full workout coming soon on @wwesheamus #bravechange YouTube channel where we and @rusevig Run through a sports performance based workout with #bloodflowrestriction Training.
Haha the dramatic music!

@thebfrpros @thehpm @bfrtraining @smarttoolsusa

What an awesome brave change training Session with the #celticwarrior @wwesheamus and #wwe #smackdown super star @rusevig .

These guys threw down some serious weight and finished strong with a #chasethepump #bloodflowrestrictiontraining
Set; programming compliments of @thebfrpros and tools by @smarttoolsusa
Can’t wait to see the full video on YouTube when it launches.
My new honorary title #drpump
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Spine movement is key towards health and performance. The best posture is the next one you use @thehpm
Get at it! Improve spine movement with this hang rotation drill.

Post your comments or questions below.

@mountaindog1 this one is for you buddy.

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