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Instagram Booty Model🍑  C.O.👮 I'm not lucky. I train my ass off🙏 Girls who lift 😍💪 @kaptain_kate 💥Halo Top Certified💥 💥Muscle Mac Certified💥 💥Muffin Pump Certified💥

Funny and true. When you have a goal you're trying to achieve; your mindset will shift to this. Food=Fuel. Eating with function in mind, is key. Whether you're doing a show, losing weight, toning up or gaining mass. Use food for function. Determine your end goal and eat the way you need to. Lean meats, complex carbs and healthy fats. Keep it simple or change up the foods as often as you like. There isn't a program that works for everyone. Listen to your body and watch for what works.
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Been eating a calorie surplus. Lots of protein, carbs and good amounts of fats.
I don't believe in bulking for say. I do however, believe in eating more for a thicker and more powerful physique. Versus eating less/cleaner for a leaner and more chiseled physique. If you want to be lean, be lean. If you want to eat more and don't mind your body fat percent to increase slightly, go for it. Diet means lifestyle. Choose the lifestyle that makes you most happy. For now, I'm staying away from super lean. I can choose that at any moment. I'm eating lots and lifting with basic old-school exercises and making great progress..


Functional supplements.
Olive leaf, oregano oil, Coenzyme Q10, devil's claw and fish oil. 💊This stack provides💊
💥Immune support
💥Anti Inflammatory
💥Anti fungal
💥Anti bacterial
💥Anti tumor
💥Heart, skin, joint and brain support💥

I take 1 serving of each twice daily. AM🌞 and PM 🌙 🌱Take care of your body 🌱

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Lots AND LOTS of bent over rows. Oldschool.
Sets and reps vary. Most days I do 5x5's even 5x6's or even 5x10's.
5x5's when performed correctly are amazing for strength and SIZE.
I do 3-4 main exercises for whatever muscle group I'm hitting.

Supersets, drop sets and burnout sets are wonderful as well. Add them into your routine. Focus on FORM not weight. Work the muscle. Connect your mind into the muscle. Slow and in control. (Excuse the love handles) haha

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The GOLDEN ERA 🙌💪 I'd do anything to go back to lift with them and live that era.

Weights going up. I love it..gotta keep eating and eating! No joke been eating 6 peanut butter sandwiches a day plus my other meals.
Don't buy mass gainers..buy real food and make real gains. Think about it. What's in mass gainers? Fat, protein and carbs. The exact same things make up a peanut butter sandwich. Just sayin'. Mass gainers are okay for when you're in a pinch. Other than that. You don't need em. My opinion 💪👌Not just talking either..I've experienced first hand the little effects you get from powders. Oh and make sure you get that whole wheat bread 😘 #stayswollen #lifteatlive #realfood #realresults #soskinnyithurts

My girl has come a long way in fitness!! So proud of you babe! @kaptain_kate 🍑🔥❤💪💪💪

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