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Had a beautiful time at the zoo with my girl. •
What you don't see in this picture is the two hours we spent trying to leave the house while Emma cried at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason...I tried it all y'all: water, milk, cookies, crackers, Moana, you name it! I contemplated just staying home more than once during the tantrum but I'm so happy I pushed through! When I look back at these precious years, I'll only remember the good and it gives me comfort that she will too 💕Moral of the story: in those trying moments, remember what you're made of mamas! 💪🏼 #hardestjobintheworld #momlife #toddlermom #lazoo

Last year this time, we were enjoying a cold glass of beer in the city center of Brussels! Emma was only 6 months old but as you can see here, she's already acquired her taste for beer 😂 #travelingbaby #grandplace #brussles

Had so much fun at Jack's first birthday party! Emma was so excited to be climbing up and down the indoor playground steps but of course this mama was tired after the second time 😂 #ineedtoworkout ❤️Wishing Jack all the very best on this special day! #aviationtheme #toddlermom

Here I was, admiring the ocean and here she is, thinking about throwing a tantrum party! 😒We went out to celebrate my Dad's birthday and although I got lucky that she slept through the lunch, she made up for it once she woke up. She's not always cute and smiley and I need to definitely practice my patience with her. I need to remember that she's still so little and communicating her needs with me can be frustrating at times since she can't use her words yet. Moral of the story: try not to lose your shit mamas 😂 #easiersaidthandone #toddlermom #MyANF

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Spent the weekend in King's Canyon with a great group of friends! It was nice to get away with no cell reception for a few days, but I must say that I missed Emma terribly! I had a really difficult time leaving her and even thought about canceling the whole thing (I know...crazy!). With the help of some of my closest friends (you know who you are! ❤️) I was able to overcome my separation anxiety. Having a child really does feel like your heart is living outside of your body ❤️ #momlife

Emma's all dressed up with no place to go! Lol! No but seriously it's beyond hot in SoCal and I just can't leave the house before 7 pm! •
•Her adorable camo bloomers, green onsie and handbag are from non other than @shopswoonla 💚•
•Tan moccasins are from @freshlypicked and you all know how obsessed we are with them! They're genuine leather and so easy to slip on and off! We will be running a giveaway with them this week, so keep your eyes peeled 😍•
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Happy birthday America! Emma had such a fun filled day celebrating with her grandparents at the park and then at a family BBQ! She wasn't at all afraid of the fireworks 💥 Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday! ❤️🇺🇸🎉•
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It's so hard when your baby is fighting through a very bad cold. As a mom, I feel so helpless. We are on day 4 and there seems to be no end in sight! I know it could be so much worse and I thank God everyday for my family's health!•

Here she is, last year on our trip to Paris! She loved the city just as much as her mama! #madamefoofoo #cityoflove #paris #hammingitupforthecamera #sixmonthsold 💛🥐🇫🇷

{ad} Had the most amazing time tasting @oceansprayinc #mocktails with my favorite fellow mommy bloggers! •

I love how all my expecting mamas can drink the mocktails alone without feeling left out of the party while the rest of us mix it with our favorite alcoholic drink! #cheersmama #mymocktail

{AD} There's a new blog post up on where I'm featuring @clorox, @vivatowels and @walmart! •

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As some of you may have seen on my Instagram story, I love using Clorox and Viva paper towels to disinfect and clean all of my summer messes, along with Emma's germ-y toys! Click the link in my bio for a rebate from Ibotta! #UnleashTheCleanSquad

Throughout my whole pregnancy with Emma I was an anxious wreck. I had anxiety about every little thing and couldn't help but worry about all the unknowns. I was so happy and yet so terrified. All I wanted was to bring my girl into this world happy and healthy. This woman in the photo was literally a God sent! Her name is Dr. Marlene Kalouyan and she was my OB. She was there for me from the first day I found out I was pregnant until the very end. She gave me her personal phone number and stayed up all hours of the night answering text messages..gave me medical and personal advice...made me feel like I was her only patient and did I mention that she was pregnant with her own little girl at the same time?! Today was the first time she saw Emma after she delivered her. I could see how happy she was to see what she has helped bring into this world. I sometimes don't want to tell people how amazing Dr. kalouyan is because I don't want to share her 😂. She's the epitome of what all physicians should be ❤️

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