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Phil, Niko & Milo  Largest Malamute account on insta 🇬🇧 All about our pets, home and travel Cat - @lifewithmilomute Campervan - @lifewithvwcampervant5 Our YouTube:

Brothers but not by blood

Have you met angry Phil? He doesn’t like the window cleaner! Click the link in our bio to watch the full video on YouTube!

My shadow! Fun fact Niko is my bestie Phil kind of likes his own space and will come to you on his own terms you kind of have to force cuddles whereas Niko is at my side 24/7, will nuzzle in and force me to have cuddles when she’s not getting enough

We got this door mounted cat climber from @petplanetcouk (gifted) it hooks on your door and has scratch posts milo is still a bit unsure but I’ve covered it in catnip to encourage him! Such a good idea if you don’t have room for a cat tree! AD

The best thing about winter walkies, is coming in from the rain and claiming the radiator spot! Now if you could just get the fire on! How do your pets keep cosy? Find tips via @eonenergyuk link in their bio. Or visit #PamperedPets #ad @eonenergyuk

Mama bear doesn’t need a valentine when she’s got baby milo around

Meet Phil, he’s 5 years old, friendly, chilled dude who likes to spend his spare time relaxing. He’s well built, slightly curvy but that just makes him the teddy bear cuddle! If you’d like to meet up with Phil for long walks at sunset just swipe right... Oh no wait this is not Tinder Phil just double tap! 😽

To all the single ladies out there, this ones for you 🐾😽 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE 😽🐾

Milo has got his very own personalised blanket gifted from @printypets AD

Watchdog Phil reporting for duty!! Tag your bestie!!

Hands up if you’re ready for Valentine’s Day

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