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Gadi + Mom  Glimpse into life of a toddler with Cerebral Palsy 💚 Special needs advocate | Spreading awareness, acceptance and inclusion

It's the little things in life that can sometimes mean alot.
Gadi has had his hip brace for a while now (Almost a year) and it's been a boring white.
A few weeks ago I came across @babbleworthy page and I reached out to see if they can help me out a little. Although they only worked with cranial helmets, Jillian was more then happy to help me figure something out. We chose a theme and she designed something really cool. The package arrived really quickly and I got to work applying the decals.
Gadi was so excited when I showed it to him the next morning! It's the small things like this that can change a child and even the adults perspectives when it comes to adaptive equipment.
Thank you so much for helping us out!! (#bts of today's photoshoot for @cutelittlemonster! ~last pic)

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We've hidden our garden marker!
#growlovechallenge was created by the wonderful Jessica from @beautifulconditions & @outshinelabels.
It's aim is to spread awareness, inclusion and love!
Can't wait to see who finds our marker!

#LifewithGadi #cpwarrior #spreadingawareness #growlove

Going thru my gallery and marveling at how far Gadi has come! The little things like using his pointer finger, riding a "car ride" and sitting unassisted in the bath are all things that came with lots of therapy, practice and time!
Promo code GADI10 gives all our friends 10% off + free shipping when purchasing @sudprize bath bombs! Available on their site and @target🤗~ #LifewithGadi #cpawareness #cpwarrior #cpstrong #iamadaptive #nothingisimpossible #nevergiveup #ourhero #therapy #progress #makeingitfun #musiclover #bathtime #bathbombs

Some amazing shots from this weekend. (#betterlatethennever)
Gadi had an amazing session with the horses this week. He also got to cut the grass on the tractor with his grandfather!

Check out his awesome shirt from @outshinelabels
We 💚 it! #icanclimbmountains
Adorable #cowboyboots @weesqueak

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Back at it!

We've checked out for a bit, but we're back now :)

Gadi LOVES this puzzle by @melissaanddougtoys

Tank @wonderfullymade_apparel
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Product review:
We just tried these amazing and super fun bath bombs from @sudprize. The first thing that hit me when I opened the box (besides the super cute box) was the beautiful smell it has!
Gadi's muscles are really tight due to having spastic CP. The warm bath really helps relax them. After using the @sudprize bath bomb besides for Gadi having a total blast and soft smelling skin, his muscles really relaxed! He was so calm and comfortable and fell asleep within a couple of minutes!
@sudprize is offering all our friends 10% off (on top of free shipping) when using the code GADI10
I'll be stocking up! 😉
(This is the first time we tried a bath bomb with Gadi!) #LifewithGadi #cpwarrior #cpawareness #cpstrong #bathtime #bathbombs #bathtimefun

We've not been so active on social media the last couple of days. It's been pretty busy around here😪

Gadi is learning to maneuver his walker! (And is having a bit too much fun!) The front wheels are now unlocked during his therapy sessions! (Hopefully will be removing the wooden piece soon, I think it might be getting in the way now)

Look out for our next post🤗. I'll be doing a review on an awesome product! (Swipe - last pic)

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Mr. #cooldude 😎
(Can't wait for our adaptive stroller to arrive! Feels like we're waiting forever!) Love how independent Gadi wants to be! Everything lately is "wanna do it self", including dipping his fries into ketchup! We kept an eye out for proper biting & chewing, as fries are one of Gadi's more challenging foods to eat.🍟 #LifewithGadi #cpawareness #cpwarrior #cpstrong #iamadaptive #lookinggood #friesandketchup #selffeeding #independent #equipment

Another great piece of art done by the talented @wholeheartedsoles
#Repost @wholeheartedsoles
Meet the adorable Gadi (part 2/2)

Here's 10 fun facts about Gadi:

1) Gadi has an amazing memory. He knows his date of birth and how to spell his name just from hearing me make appointments!
2) Gadi loves music and enjoys singing and dancing.
3) Gadi goes horseback riding, his first time on a horse was at 20 months old.
4) Gadi enjoys water activities
5) One of Gadi's strengths are his speech. He talks like a teenager! We had a doctor tell us that he would not be verbal, wonder what she would say today!
6) Gadi started eating solid foods at 12 months old. He's had some feeding issues including aspirating on his food.
Today he really enjoys his food and would even work for it!
7) Gadi is really funny and can entertain a whole room of adults.
8) Gadi likes to play with pretend play toys and enjoys books.
9) Bedtime is not one of his favorite times and Gadi would sleep in my bed everynight if I would only let him.
10) Gadi is learning how to use a walker independently and loves it when other kids help him and show interest.

LOVE this artwork done by @wholeheartedsoles! Amazing and inspiring account!
#Repost @wholeheartedsoles
Meet the adorable gadi (part 1/2) Hi, my name is Gadi and I'm 2.5 years old. I was born at 32 weeks weighing 4 lb and spent 5 weeks in the NICU. At 7 months old I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which causes spasticity (tightness) in my arms and legs. I have to work extra hard physically to do things that most kids my age are able to do. I see many different doctors and have lots of daily therapy but I don't let my diagnosis get in my way or define who I am. I am a really smart little guy who loves to play and act silly! I enjoy music and love to dance. It may take me a little bit longer to do things but I won't let that slow me down!

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