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So I haven't really updated IG in a while, honestly because a lot of life has been going on. That's okay, I like it that way. But I wanted to share with you guys a few things, so endure, if you will. If not, get the fuck out. πŸš€
This is Aurora, and we've had her for 1 month (and 3 days...to be exact). She can be quite the little shit, but she is smart, fun, and a fur ball full of energy. We absolutely love her and are learning with her every day. She grows so fast. #adventureswithprincessaurora #bordercollie #life #pupper @classyhardcore @krystal.ludeman

"I am not forgiving enough to stay insane." Blue
Hope you guys had a great show last night in NOLA. Sad we missed it. FBF to last year's Warped. @emarosa #fbf #emarosa #warpedtour2016

"--Everybody else in the world can hate me
Nobody but me can save me!--"
Tech N9ne and Corey Taylor: Wither #justletgo #dontwither #technine

Thank you @johnnygloom for those perfect words, and always perfect art. #johnnygloop #art #life #women #wordsofwisdom

FBF to 2 years ago when I was with @angiechan070707 (bottom) and @onnawufei (right) in South Carolina. This was taken at the Angel Oak. It's Laura's b-day on Sunday, so I wanted to share! #fbf #flashbackfriday #angeloak #southcarolina #friends

I have been having pretty bad migraines hit me the last few days. Yesterday's was crippling, and came at me like a truck. I have had my migraines under control for quite a while now, so when I get bad ones I forget how to deal with them, and it take everything out of me. I'm so thankful for @classyhardcore for taking care of me and dealing with my whining when it happens. #chronicmigraines #barbiepinklipstick #personal #gingham

Books and books galore. That's what my Saturday is about. πŸ€“πŸ“– #reading #booksamillion

Shop kitty and I matched yesterday. #whitesocks #blackandwhite #shopkitty

Thanks for an amazing experience this past Saturday. @classyhardcore and I went to see @capsizeband and @normajeanband on the Polar Similar tour. We also saw He is Legend, Comrades, and two local bands: An Author, A Poet, and Blood Between Us. Everyone was phenomenal, and the venue was just perfect. I was thrilled to meet @danielwand from Capsize. #polarsimilartour2017 #normajean #capsize #heislehend #comrades #anauthorapoet #bloodbetweenus

"I think I know you, I know you, you can break. You're porcelain." - Porcelain/ Emarosa
#psnofiltercausemynewphonehasagreatcamera #emarosa #emarosalyrics

I have absolutely nowhere to go today... But I didn't want to get out of bed, at all. I wanted to sleep away my day today. Which is something I hate. So, instead, I got up and put one of my favorite dresses on, with one of my best wigs, and made myself feel good. Because fuck drowning in your own shit. Do something positive and productive. It's not easy, and I am not saying everyone can. But for me, I had to. I'll clean, play games, and cook today, feeling cute. 😝 #personal

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