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Life Vest Inside  A non-profit on a mission to inspire, empower and educate people of all backgrounds to lead a life of KINDNESS.

Catch someone doing something kind? Hand them a Catching Kindness card to let them know they’ve been caught in the act and inspire them to pass the card along the next time they catch kindness in motion! Shop Now!

Having an AWESOME time working and jamming with the one and only André Llyod! Recording vocals for my upcoming crowdfunding video for my 6 week cross country tour!! Stay tuned for more details! Check out Andre @bgbeatzgalore

What better message than seeing a fellow Kindness Ambassador, Group Leader and all around AWESOME person share this beautiful message with me! Thank you Soumya John for these words: "Building my tower of goodness.
Thank you for your words, Orly Wahba. I know they will inspire everyone the way they've ALWAYS inspired me.
Incoming presents cause let it be christmas all year round! <3&#34;

For most of us, we come home from a trip feeling rejuvenated and inspired to make a change only to find that inspiration fade. Before we know it it seems as though that trip or seminar never happened. This was most certainly not the case with Tropical Transformation. Over a month has passed and I smile each day as I think back on what was truly a transformative adventure. But a retreat such as this is only as great as its leaders. Tory Dube and Lauren Lee are not simply organizers of a trip, they are teachers, mentors and motivators. The care, attention, professionalism and dedication shown was above and beyond. But it was the connectivity and friendship that blossomed that made this not simply a trip but an amazing journey. Personally, it was the exact medicine I was looking for, infusing me with the strength, empowerment and energy I was searching for. From the exceptional yoga classes to the thought provoking workshops and sessions, to the camaraderie within the group - one thing was better than the next. I&#39;ve never taken a yoga class before and I left with a love and appreciation. I never thought much about caring for my health and I left with a deeper understanding of the importance of both physical and mental health, along with nuggets of wisdom that I can easily apply into my everyday life. Prior to this trip I was feeling tired, beat and I felt as though I lost a certain spirit and energy I always had. Through Tory and Lauren&#39;s unwavering kindness and dedication, this retreat helped me reconnect and tap back into a strength I had inside of me all along. All adventures must come to an end, but it&#39;s the truly transformative ones that leave you feeling as though it&#39;s just the beginning. Thanks Tory and Lauren for an experience I&#39;ll never forget!
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AWESOME Photos compliments of @rayaonassignment #tropicaltransformation

What will you do to SEIZE the day and make it count!

Grab your copy of Kindness Boomerang! Each day of the year has an Act of Kindness, inspirational quote and short reflection on the power of paying it forward! It&#39;s been so exciting to hear how teachers are incorporating the book into their daily lessons, parents sharing how they are reading a page each night to their kids before bedtime, companies starting meetings reading a Kindness in the Workplace entry, people sharing how they&#39;ve been journaling in their book and the list goes on and on! Proceeds from book sales go directly to the non profit! Get your copy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Indiebound, BAM and iTunes!

Oftentimes the obstacles in our path, the bumps in our road and the unexpected curves in our journey have a way of pushing us to tap into a strength we never knew we had. With that strength comes GROWTH. Keep your eyes peeled for the hidden meaning behind those roadblocks...

Absolutely LOVE this!!! How will you start your very own #kindnessboomerang ? I always love receiving posts from people showing how they&#39;ve been incorporating the acts from the book into their daily routine 😊

How we paint our world each day is up to us.

You will never know your full potential if you don&#39;t challenge yourself. Limits only exist in our head. Take a deep breath, get out there and get started!! Because YOU can!

I&#39;ve found that small acts of giving, of filling a need - has increased my appreciation and love for people in the most profound way. How will you give to another today?

Friendship can come in all forms, all ages, and oftentimes when we least expect it. Keep your eyes peeled because your very best friend may be found right under your roof. What does friendship mean to you?

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