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As someone with OCD (clinically diagnosed at 6 years old before strangers who do not know me try to come for me as misusing the term ๐Ÿ˜‘) I NEED to have everything in my life organized from my clothes down to my paper clips so organizing my makeup is just as important to me (especially as a makeup addict!). #ontheblog today, guest blogger, Sania, is sharing 10 great ways to keep your makeup organized (link in bio) - even if it only lasts for a day or two! How do you currently keep your makeup organized?

Moving a weeks ago from a small rental unit to a spacious single home was exciting - but had its moments of frustration when trying to come up with unique & modern decor ideas - especially in our living room. #ontheblog, Guest Blogger, Kenny, is sharing her fave 6 modern ideas to getting your living room to be something you'll be proud to show off (link in bio). What is your one decorating tip you swear by? ๐Ÿก

Are you on #pinterest and looking for new Group Boards to join? I've just created a new board for #diy & #crafting - to be added as a Contributor, head over to my blog (link in bio) & send a request via the Pinterest Group Boards page to join! I also have two other boards accepting contributors: #girlboss Tips & Ideas and The Best of Lifestyle & Blogging.

Happy Monday!

Trying to breathe some life into your beauty routine can be tricky. #ontheblog today, Guest Blogger, Jane Williams, has 6 great makeup & hair tips to help you achieve a few new looks (link in bio)

Mustering up the energy to work out is hard enough so make part of it easier by having options for your outfits. Click on the link in my bio to read 6 ideas you can add to your own workout wardrobe!

A little Saturday morning curl.

Sneak Peek #2bof our new house: Coffee Bar. Love the custom Coyne Coffee House sign I found on #pinterest

#sneakpeek of our new house - home bar. Added a few touches to make it functional & colourful.

I am a coffee addict. Lattes, Cappuccinos, even just a regular cup of coffee is my idea of heaven - but drinking all that coffee can have its reprecussions. #ontheblog today, Guest Blogger, Sarah Jones, is helping us enjoy our fave vice in moderation (link in bio). What is your favourite type of coffee?

My name is Lana and I am obsessed with dogs. Seeing them instantly makes me happier and if I get a chance to play with one? You better just move on with your day because I'll be there forever. As a dog mom, my Bruno (little face popping up behind the pillow) is a major part of my life and really is my little sidekick. #ontheblog today, guest bloger, Aurora McCausland, is explaining why pets are the best companions and how couples are choosing them over babies (link in bio).

It's been insanely busy the last 3 weeks with our move & settling into our new house but I always have time to test out some beauty products! This #luxuryessentials box was filled with some of my fave beauty staples such as the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Mask & Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Love what you see here? You can get your own box here: https://ca.topboxcollective.com/products/limited-edition-elc-box-2017. What is your go to beauty product for Fall?

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