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L'ifestyle Lounge, Closter, NJ  #breathebendnourish Your #yoga #mindfulness #nutrition self-care center for families wanting the L’ifestyle. Addit Services: Tai Chi and Mindful PT.

Rock, Sweat and Glow Wednesday at 930 am and Thursday 830 am. No class this Friday or Sunday due to holidays. Warm Power Vinyasa to get you to another layer and level! #nomudnolotus

See you on the mat Tuesday at 715 pm and Wednesday 930 am; 1030 am! Repost @thefemalehustlers with @get_repost

To Blue Matcha or Not Blue Matcha? Read our blog by our RD @lisamikusrd to get the latest scoop on this blue wonder! Visit our website and click on Lifestyle Reads!

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💬 Share below: Which one of these ethics most resonates with you?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The word "ethics" can mean many different things to different people. For us, they're principles that help us remember that life is happening now. 🙏 Anything we're searching for can only be found where we are currently – be it happiness, meaning, love, anything at all. Life is found in the moment, not in some imagined end goal.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
So listen to what others are saying to you, instead of rehearsing your future part in the conversation. Enjoy the journey without worrying if you'll accomplish the goal. And soak up all the beauty this moment has to offer.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Refresh & Renew
This Friday is all about Igniting your spark. Our 630 pm Candlelit Restorative Yin Yoga class will focus on poses that stroke the fire within. There will be a brief chanting meditation at the beginning to energize and clear the throat chakra. You will leave class feeling refreshed and renewed just in time for Spring. #om #meditation #mindfulness #yinyoga

I can, I will, I am!

We are a small studio who loves our clients like friends; expect a little chit chat as you walk thru the door; get grounded on your mat, engage the senses as the tunes start to flow, the sweat starts to drip and your smile is formed. Please join us this week for Rock, Sweat and Glow! @stacey_yoga Monday at 930 am, 730 pm and Thursday 830 am @smallshiftsyoga Wednesday 930 am @vtuffff Friday at 930 am!!

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Just like any relationship - some times we will have an off body image day. You will have days you don’t gel or vibe. You miscommunicate or get frustrated. But this doesn’t mean the relationship is bad. This doesn’t mean you need to change the relationship. Sometimes a need isn’t being met. Or your just having an off day. “And that’s okay”.✨⁣

Even when I’m uncomfortable in my body - I remember that my body is still GOOD. Bodies aren’t good or bad.✨⁣

Being uncomfortable IN my body is a feeling. Feelings are a normal part of the human experience. Feelings will end at some point. It doesn’t always feel great - but it is okay and normal to feel discomfort. We call this distress tolerance. ✨⁣

Being uncomfortable BECAUSE of my body is a self esteem issue. Constantly worrying about how you are being perceived, if you are accepted or judged because of your body is more than a feeling. It’s a core belief. ✨⁣

If difficult body image days can change your entire mood, leave you feeling hopeless and depressed, make you want to isolate or it’s hard to function on these days - it sounds like it could be a core belief issue (self esteem) issue. ✨⁣

If you need support with body image, I offer virtual coaching (world wide) & counseling (NJ residents) through Recovery Love & Care. DM for more details! 💛✨

Hello Yogis!! Join us tomorrow, Friday night for Candlelit Restorative Yin Yoga. Our normal yoga is yang so create balance by adding this class into your weekly self-care.
The theme for this week class is Connection.

Join us this week as we explore connection through various heart and shoulder opening poses. This class will have you opening up to self love and acceptance. You will create space for deeper connection and an abundance of love.

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Image quote by @beauty_redefined I know this is kinda a controversial topic/opinion but I whole heartedly agree. You are not less than of a person if you look like your own or anyone else's before. Those before/after pictures do nothing but harm.
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Sign up for our 10 Week Series Intro to Mindfulness with Nancy Mahon Wednesday’s 730 pm to learn how to begin your mindfulness meditation practice!! #mindfulness #meditation #meditationclass Starts tomorrow!!

Our yogi’s first wheel ever! It’s not about how it looks but how it feels. She said she felt amazing! Bravo Drea!! #practiceandalliscoming #believe #🙏

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