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I've gotten a few comments on my food photos so I thought I'd share a tip with y'all as you head into Memorial Day Weekend! I took a couple film and DSLR photography classes in high school and college and have been in love with all types of photography (especially food and lifestyle) ever since. My first tip is to always use only indirect natural light! Artificial light gives either a blue or yellow tint to images, which makes food, skin, etc. look unnatural. Natural light results in the best white balance without having to use a photo editor to "fix" the warmth/temperature (which can sometimes make the image look washed out or overexposed). So when you take photos of all the wonderful (hopefully, healthy) things you eat this weekend, bring your plate next to a natural source of indirect light (direct sunlight often looks way too harsh!).β €
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Will travel for katsu curry. πŸ›πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Stuff my 2-year old says: Mama, we're a hot mess. πŸ’”

Healthy eating = vegetable soup and just one crouton. One giant crouton. I made 2 loaves of no-knead table bread, took a chunk, drizzled it in olive oil and herbs, and toasted it in the oven. Also, #spoonselfie πŸ₯„ 🀳🏼

Can't stop, won't stop (crying). 😭

I grew up in a place where everyone and their mother made fun of me for my nose stuck in a book. One nickname was "Nerd Alert" 'cause I didn't know about The Simpsons or pop culture, or party, or dress, or speak like the cool kids. But I did have the smartest and kindest friends. I still do. #worthit. If you're a walking nerd alert too, whatchu reading today? Would you recommend it? currently peeping: The Magic of Motherhood by @ashleegadd of @coffeeandcrumbs πŸ“–

Mama said my first solid food was avocado. Makes sense 'cause I thank the Lord whenever I peel a perfectly ripe, barely fork tender avocado that still has bite to itβ€”forsake that mushy nonsense or save it for the guac. πŸ₯‘ #theartofslowliving because 24 hours to make brioche.

I know you're sick of #avocadotoast but, son, I made this brioche with love. 🍞πŸ₯‘

Soulmates & Friday vibes β™₯️ made with @vsco Analog / Aesthetic (A6) preset, as usual

@iyasareberkeley kills it with fruit-topped mochi (dark and white chocolate) plus matcha ice cream, azuki beans, and black sesame action for dessert 🍡

The main: more ikura and uni on broiled 🐟

kakiage tempura (aka, fridge leftovers or everything but the kitchen sink tempura) 🍀

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