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This ain’t a wave or a phase cause all that shit fades!
This lifestyles forever!!.

“Maintain & Protect Thy Temple.”.

IG it’s been real ✌🏽. Mood
Focused on the next Endeavor.

🛠 One Skyscraper At A Time 🏙......! Are you scared of heights?? #fearfactor

Sunday 🚲 Ride To Clear The Mind.
Positive Energy ⚡️Only 🙏🏽.
& Daytona @kingpush still on repeat Shuffled In with Fear Of God 2. #ifyouknowyouknow #istillwanna

Art seen @alecmonopoly 🎩💲💰💵💸

Just my thoughts and this view 🙏🏽😎

Dual Citizenship 🇫🇷. ⚽️🙌🏽 🌎..
Peep my story. Wow!!!
2 ⭐️ Jersey for next Cup.
Allez Les Bleus

Renovation Inspiration.
On way to meet with my contractor.
Soon back on the market.

Closed. 🔑
Living in the present, planning for the future.
Paid in equity. #rentalproperty

#Repost ・・・
Healed pic of the work I did on @lifestylebymiguel a few weeks back! Cross not by me but I’ll be bringing that back to life soon!! @bangbangnyc #tatsbykeith #bangbangforever #bangbangnyc #blackink #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoos #urbanink #247inkmag #fytcartridges #silverbackink