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If a dentist asked me to pull his teeth out, I'd freeze. If a Formula One driver asked me to give him a lift, I'd stall. But shooting fashion photographer @jaymclaughlin in his @sevenfeetapart shoes wasn't intimidating at all. I even learnt a thing or 2. More pics + what he thinks about the shoes coming up next week all over @sevenfeetapart social feeds...

If a friend dreams a dream - it becomes your dream too. Tonight sees the launch of @buildingfeasts supper clubs + I couldn't be prouder as I take over her insta stories + cheer loudly from my seat at the table. Ps @jeremyacoleman - your menu cards + name places are 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

The kids don't believe me that @ziggy_stardog_p can talk, that he understands everything going on + that he's actually got our backs. Look at those eyes. He knows.

Can you hear that? No. Nor can I. That's why I'm hiding in here having a much needed 30 mins of me-time. Sometimes we all just need to opt out + find a place to decompress. This is my place.

Headed east today to film the boys behind @sevenfeetapart ... that was the easy part. The rest was a mix of getting off at wrong station, a broken down bus + a trespasser (yes) on the tracks. Weekend. I'm ready for you.

A white ladder on a white wall makes me feel happy. (Or is it the sunshine ⭐️?) #thingsisawtoday

What I don't spend in petrol, I justify on flowers. Today I bought sweet peas. The friend I wrote about who desperately sadly passed away in December called his lovely wife (also our friend) sweet pea all the time. And I suddenly thought of him. It's been nice remembering him today and thinking (again) about this funny world we live in. Happy weekend to all.

A head full of cold. Totally drained. A day at home drinking hot lemon/honey + eating toast with Lady Y's marmalade. {it has magic properties + I always keep a jar hidden}. #morningslikethese

When no coffee is enough coffee - after a 3 day weekend.

Today I had the privilege of photographing a new band. The way they felt making their music made them real rock stars in my eyes. And I'm impressed enough to be writing about @thebandproject so please get in touch if your son/daughter is involved.

I'm as much about the mismatched bottle, jar + vintage vase as I am about the blooms. Aren't you?

Firstly, I didn't actually ask him to sit there + pull his portrait face. And secondly, yes I AM WORKING. (As well as picking up poo). #olympuspenf #12mm

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