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A fiddler at Baker Street. A properly talented musician (they now have to audition for this spot) + yet relying on Londoners to dig deep. Makes me so sad. The creative/artistic life is still so hard. And yet the music teachers in our lives were the most incredible support last term. Anyway - if anyone can find out this geeza's name, I'll sing from the rooftops. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

So this is ELEVEN. 11 years of seeing the world through this man's eyes has definitively made me a better person. We love you @will_p_pics + all you have to do is realise what a gem you are... #happybirthdaymyangel {cake made by a ridiculously busy @buildingfeasts because she is one of those unconditional friends + put simply, makes the best cakes in the world πŸ™ŒπŸ»}

Why do I love shooting portraits so much? Or more to the point - why are some people so much easier than others to shoot? This one has no qualms about looking straight into the lens. She believes in herself. So revealing, isn't it?

So I reckon everyone has ONE person in their life who really |gets| fashion. Every piece in their (walk-in) wardrobe is enviable. They can predict where trends are going. AND they can wear heels all day long. My person (incase you were thinking it's you) is @mrsemilyevans - here she is on the #lfw circuit πŸ“·by me in jeans/trainers/hoodie.

She's a winner. Every time. And don't get me started on those cashmere hot pants... those Nordic knits... #anyahindmarch INDEED! @anyahindmarch #AnyaAW17 #lfw

Just for the record... it's NOT a dog eat dog [photography] world. There's a bunch of wise kids who are totally up for sharing their tips e.g. @stylonylon's podcast led me to @kimklassen online classes (also via @xantheb) + today I'm finally getting to grips with @photoshop.lightroom - so here was me outside with frozen fingers + now inside editing away...

re-BOOTing over here. Sometimes you just need to turn that (internal) computer on + off. Even though last week lacked a little sleep, some home comforts + much fresh fruit/veg - the exercise + fresh air have gone to my head. Refusing to allow any Sunday-itis in this house tonight...

Nothing more 'family-bonding' than a nice long delay at Geneva airport πŸ˜‚ but instead of reading my book (The Theseus Paradox - has anyone read? Totally gripping), I'm editing pics + laughing to myself how much fun they had building card towers + taking pics of them while we drank all the 🍷🍷🍷🍷

The sky is no longer blue. The skis are returned. But more to the point - I can no longer sustain a diet of bagette, coffee + properly silly amounts of Swiss chocolate. Tomorrow we must leave our mountain eat-fest.

Is your daily feed full of ski bums this week? Do we really find other's holiday pics at all interesting? I think I do ... sometimes... as I look beyond the smug + it makes me want to travel (even) more. Either way - here is a little movie I made of 8 maniacs in @chatel_officiel {🎡by @will_p_pics}

The best bit about a 7 hr ski HAS to be collapsing in our self-catering minuscule living space, a HUGE cup of pj tips + messing around with my camera in my pjs... [but the skiing was pretty awesome too esp now these Smalls can keep up]

Ain't no mountain high enough 🎢