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Sal Ali • CEO/Founder FARSALI  After 7yrs working in brand & product development, I lost my passion... I got that passion back when I created a beauty brand out of love for my wife.

There will always be a group of people that will be ready to kick you when you are down, and tell you that you'll never make it. NEVER let these people discourage you from accomplishing your goals. Let their words fuel your motivation... to prove to your self that you CAN and that you WILL!
Success is an ongoing life journey, it never ends... and I believe that you never truly "make it". There is always room for growth, no matter what success means to you.
You will always have critics... and they will always have things to say. Even when you start having some "wins", they'll be quick to downplay your success, or simply never acknowledge it. Everyone faces this, regardless of how much they've accomplished.
So if you're having a tough time with what your "critics" are saying, use their words as motivation. Make your self better, work harder, believe in yourself... and prove them wrong! Most importantly, prove to YOURSELF that you are who you say you are!

#FlashbackFriday About a year ago I made a post about getting rid of my @lamborghini Gallardo, and donating the proceeds to charity. In that post I said "You always get back what you put out into the world." I wanted to take a moment to reflect and share what has happened since...
✅ I sold the car in October 2016
✅ Part of the proceeds went to a 3 year charity program, that assists single moms in Bangladesh out of poverty by providing them with tools, training, and resources to provide for their families and become self sufficent.
✅ Part of the proceeds went to an interest free microfinance fund, that helps those in poverty to use the loan as working capital (without interest). The idea is for them to use the funds to purchase tools that will help them generate sustainable income for themselves.
✅ Part of the proceeds went to the severe drought crisis in East Africa.
✅ When I sold the car in October 2016, there was NO conversation of Farsali being available at Sephora. Fast forward a few months, conversations with Sephora go extremely well, and Farsali launches in Sephora 4 months later, on February 2017. Products sell out within 24 hours, and eventually goes on to becoming a Sephora bestseller!
Reflecting back at my quote from last year... it's crazy for me to see all of this happen before my eyes. Was it a coincidence? I don't think so. I believe everything in life happens for a reason. But this doesn't mean you should always give to expect something in return. Do things because it comes from your heart, and don't expect anything in return.
Now... I'm not perfect, nor do I claim to be. Everyone has a past... but one thing that I've learned is: if you engage in negativity, that's all you'll attract in your life... if you engage in positivity, you will attract more happiness and blessings in your life 🙏🏼

She's here!! @farsalicare Jelly Beam ✨ I'm beyond excited for this launch! I can't wait to see how everyone uses this product 😃
Unlike your traditional liquid/cream highlighters, this formula applies like a jelly, and sets into place (no slip) like a powder... but it doesn't feel dry!
I don't want to "hype" this up... but I truly believe this is a #gamechanger ⚡️there are so many ways to use it! #farsali

Disclaimer: Get your sunglasses ready!! 😎
I wanted to show you all how Jelly Beam looks on your face... so I borrowed my wife's cheekbone to show you how to get an intense beaming glow ✨
Jelly beam is totally customizable. You can build it up from 0-100 to get the glow that you prefer! If you want it to be light and natural, just pickup the product with a slight tap.
My blending skills aren't the best (I'm trying and still learning lol) but I think I did a pretty decent job!
Jelly Beam Launches: November 1st, 2017
Exclusively at www.farsali.com
#farsali #farsalicare #jellybeam

Friendly PSA: If you know someone that enters the room cheek first, or talks to you with their cheek, they may have a highlighter addiction. I noticed this extra behavior from my wife @farahdhukai, so I got to the bottom of it...
I know that she is obsessed with highlighter, but I wanted to know MORE! I wanted to know everything she liked and disliked about her endless collection. She literally has 4 drawers full of highlighters! She loves her highlight in a very specific way. It has to look wet, but not actually be wet... I know it's super extra... but there are actually 3 steps to her madness!
She would start with a liquid/cream highlighter, but the problem is that liquid/cream doesn't set into place. So then she would set with a powder highlight, but the problem is that powder looks dry. So finally, she would finish off with a setting spray. Which gave her that wet looking highlight... it seemed like a lot of effort to me, and I wanted to make her life easier (and mine.. because when your wife says she'll be ready in 5 mins... you know it's actually 5 hours 😂)
This is what inspired me to create Jelly Beam. Unlike your typical highlighters, this has a Jelly consistency, because of it's skincare DNA. It applies like a jelly and sets like a powder. It gives you that wet-satin beaming finish, while keeping your skin hydrated at the same time! ✨

I don't think you ready for this... JELLY 🎶
Sneak peek at what's joining the FARSALI Fam 👀 Any final guesses before the big reveal?

👀 Can you find the new FARSALI product? What could it be... 🤔?

Hint... I don't think you ready...
Oops I've said too much 🙊 any guesses? 👇🏼 #newproduct #comingsoon

Throwback picture from March 2015. Can't believe how fast time flies... seems like it was just yesterday when @farsalicare launched in Sephora USA & Canada.
Now, 8 months later, I'm excited to announce that FARSALI will be launching in @sephorafrance October 2nd... on my 6 year wedding anniversary--which is what I'm really excited about and didn't forget (in case my wife is reading this 🤗)
I'm also working on a NEW groundbreaking product (stay tuned)... AND over the next few months, FARSALI will be launching across the following 16 European countries in Sephora:
@sephora_scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden)
Sephora Luxembourg
Sephora Monaco

My fascination of watching my wife's beauty routine, lead me to notice that she always prepped her skin first--BUT it was always with two different products: primer before makeup & serum before skincare. I questioned that and wondered why there wasn't a product that could do both! That's what gave me the idea to create the @farsalicare Unicorn Essence: A 2-in-1 primer-serum, that can be used as a makeup primer OR as a skincare serum!
Words of wisdom: the simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.
#farsali #madewithlove

I didn't want to cancel our planned Maldives trip because I knew how much my wife was looking forward to it... but she insisted that I cancel, because of how swamped I am with work. She knows that I'll make it up to her in a big way, when the time is right.
Moral of the story: If you love someone, you'll be willing to sacrifice your dreams for them. If they love you, they won't let you.

It's been a crazy few weeks with everything that is going on at Farsali. I had to cancel a long awaited vacation with the wifey... which I was very disappointed in... thankfully I have such a supportive and understanding wife ❤ she knows I'll make it up to her 10x 😊
I'm a little late in announcing this (by 2 months)... but Farsali is now available in New Zealand at select Life Pharmacy stores! 🎉🎉🎉
Can't wait to see Farsali in more retailers world wide 🌎🤗 I'm currently working on a global Sephora expansion in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Australia... hope the team and I can pull this off by 2017... stay tuned!!!

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