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Sonia Life Love and Hiccups  🍸Life Love and Hiccups blog 🍉 @littlelaneworkshops 👻 LifeLoveHiccups

School holidays be like.... 💙Di @homeondarley I have fallen hard in love with these linen sheets thank you. Like LOVE love!

Pssst in case you've not heard the news... my beautiful friend Kate @uberkatejewels has a 20% off sale on at the moment... it's 20% off EVERYTHING on their website 🙌🏼 including these gorgeous #rosequartz Cocktail rings. HAPPY EASTER 🐇

We take our comfort VERY seriously around here 😂

Once upon a time we said to ourselves... "I can't wait to be a grown up" 🙄

So the boys and I have been working on a list of 21 ways to amuse the gang on a long road trip (and spare our sanity) and my Monster Trucks obsessed petrol heads came up with their own version of Celebrity Head - Monster Trucks style of course 😂 Head on over to @hellomumtastic for the other 20 ideas we've put together for the Ultimate Road Trip survival guide 🙌🏼 @viewinglounge #sp #family #monstertrucksmovie #roadtrip #funforkids

$21.99 *Rubber trees from Bunnings - BOOYAH!!! 🌿*i have no idea if that's like the 'proper' name for these beauties but... at that price I don't give a tadpole's testicle!!!

Every family has one right? The beauty that belongs to @uberkatejewels and ummm a mini Zoolander that is courtesy of moi and the hubby 😂

My Sunday morning on a plate… A rainbow of fresh berries, banana, kiwifruit and passionfruit on muesli and topped up with unsweetened coconut milk (from Vitasoy) I’m ‘trying’ to be a little more conscious of what I put into my mouth and the rest of the family’s too - you know, more of the good wholegrain and plant based stuff and less of the crap we too often grab on the go. Let’s be honest - I don’t usually have the time to make a spread like this on a typical busy school / weekday morning, but at least having a banana and the Vitasoy Coconut milk on our muesli and cereal is a quick and easy way to add a little more plant based food to our day. Happy Sunday lovely people! #spon #vitasoy #styleonmytable #seekthesimplicity #littlemomentsapp #myweekofwhatisawtoday #choosejoy #shared_joy #momentsofmine #thatsdarling #livethelittlethings #theartofslowliving #myeverydaymagic #thehappynow

Once upon a time I could sneak new things into the house and no one would notice.... these days 😳 there are three little human dibber dobbers living here and even the dogs are getting in on the act and point out every new detail ( aka 'mummy's been shopping') to the hubby. YES it's new sheesh but it only cost *cough cough* $29 ... give or take a little.... ok a bit more... whatever! this gorgeous print from @homeondarley jumped in my car and begged me to bring it home so who was I to refuse??? 💗 I'm super nice like that 😂

I also have the magic touch when it comes to G&Ts too! I'm. It picky about what I practice my super power on 😂 Happy Weekend lovely people!

The 15 minutes of calm before the witching hour chaos begins. Oh and how I plan on sucking the marrow out of every precious minute. 😂🙌🏼

He thinks it’s just a fruit smoothie and that I am like some super awesome mum for making it for him without him even asking… but it’s made with Coconut milk so yes it IS a smoothie, but its made with Vitasoy Coconut Milk so it is a completely plant based smoothie! I win! A pretty darn awesome combo of mixed berries, banana, passionfruit and Vitasoy Coconut milk. #vitasoy #spon

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