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Still dealing with health issues so there haven’t been any movement updated. #pcos #endometriosisawareness

Let talk about #endometriosis
Endometriosis is an autoimmune disease that directly impacts reproductive hormones and the endocrine systems cause the uterine lining to ‘grow’ outside of the uterus. It can impact not just surrounding reproductive organs but also any within reach. The condition is ranked as the most painful chronic illness by nhs. Symptoms can range from painful irregular periods to abnormal hair growth to pelvic pain. There currently is no cure. Yet 1 in 10 persons have endometriosis.

I was diagnosed at the age of 13 when I was also diagnosed with endometriosis’ evil twin #pcos
One major surgery and many flares later I landed back in endometriosis grip this past month and caused a pull back on every aspect of my life. This month is #endometriosisawareness month.
I’m one in ten. Are you?

#endowarrior #yogaflow #spoonieyoga #fatyoga

The main reason I’ve been inactive this past month has come from this little monster coupled with PCOS.

Did you know we have 24 hrs a day and I am awake and actively doing something 18 of those hours and it’s STILL not enough time? I’m going to bed.

An incredibly short snippet of a really good practice.

#yogaflow #yogagram #fatyoga #spoonieyoga

I have a lot of things to say but most of them make no sense in this box. Lets just say that I saw post describing movement as medicine and it is.
#yogaflow #fatyoga #yogapractice #spoonieyoga #movementismedicine

Good morning say it back

Night School Flows—my entire schedule got dumped out the window here’s my sweaty Sunday if it looks like nothing follow along each bar exercise is 30 on each side and pose holding for 30 seconds on each side with 3lbs weights whew!
#yogaflow #yogagram #ankleweights #fatyoga #spoonieyoga #nogymnoproblem

I catch myself being hyper critical of my body lately- I wonder when my brain is going to reword itself into peace #fatyoga #spoonieyoga #headstand #yogaflow

I call this my kitchen sink flow-right I haven’t moved at all this weeks let’s do everything at once.

Made a big life change that will mean less posting but I will still be here...#legstretches #yogaflow #yogagram #yogapractice #fatyoga #spoonieyoga

During this time of the year a lot of us begin the journey to take up less mass-I’m starting one to stop apologizing for taking up space.
I belong here, i belong here, i belong here.
#yogaflow #spoonieyoga #fatyoga #myyogapractice

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