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hey 🌻  β€’ I made this account to share my feelings being anonymous, also trying to find myself in my own advice & maybe you can learn something too.😊😘

I'm trying new things that get my mind off things. like running. doing creative things. Pinterest. long showers. long walks. movies. talking. writing down my feelings. trying to be more positive & helping others. not hanging out with people that influence me to do bad things. you should try it. it actually works..

this week as been A W F U L. like seriously I don't think I've ever had this bad of a week. but anyways today had to be the roughest. one of my friends are having a rough time at home. & I'm basically the only one that will listen to her. I cry every night when she comes to me during the day telling me what's going. & the only person that will listen to me talk is my dad. so I always go to my dad. find someone you can trust & will listen to you. it makes you feel a if better if you talk to or let some it out.

I can give you advice how to be you, but I'm not. I'm helping you find yourself, actually. I'm not only helping you but I'm trying to help myself too. #follow4follow

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