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Life Ball  Fighting AIDS and celebrating life in Vienna, Austria since 1993. #lifeball #knowyourstatus

Thematically, the 19th Life Ball is dedicated to the third element – Air. Alongside Clinton, US singer Janet Jackson and actress Brooke Shields will be attending the event under the motto "Spread the Wings of Tolerance". The absolute highlight of the opening show will be the former singer of "Frankie Goes To Hollywood", Holly Johnson. With his touching ballad "The Power of Love" from the year 1984 he sings himself in the hearts of the ball visitors.

The Life Ball marks the beginning of the World AIDS Conference, which will be held in Vienna in 2010. The event is all around the element earth and the motto "Sow the Seeds of Solidarity!" Therefore, not only takes place in the town hall, but for the first time in the Burgtheater and in Parliament. In addition to Clinton also US actress Whoopi Goldberg, the Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit and the violinist David Garrett. #throwback #2YearsLifeBall

The Life Ball 2009 begins with a four-part thematic cycle. the first is formed by the element of water and provides opulent productions in and around the water under the slogan "Let Love Flow". In the 20th Anniversary Year 2012, the culmination of the cycle will be celebrated. And a long-awaited promise is there: Bill Clinton comes to the Life Ball. But also the actresses Eva Longoria and Pamela Anderson, pop singer Katy Perry, entrepreneur Ivana Trump and the actress Fran Drescher. #throwback #25YearsLifeBall

At the 16th Life Ball everything revolves around the theme of "space" - to celebrate the full life. The grand opening of the Life Ball there was an oversized, inflatable UFO, which landed on the stage. The list of celebrity guests was also nameable: Hollywood star Sharon Stone, "Sex And The City" icon Kim Cattrall, singer Debbie Harry and supermodel Linda Evangelista were there. #throwback #25YearsLifeBall

The event this year was all about "fairy tales". True to this motto, not only the costumes of incredible creativity were equipped, also the opening topped the past years. There were also stars like Sandra Pires, die No Angels und Earth, Wind & Fire Experience featuring Al McKay. #throwback #25YearsLifeBall

The Life Ball Motto of 2006 was "A Choir of Love Against an Army of Ignorance". For the first time celebrities, top models and the most important people from the fashion scene will be brought from New York to Vienna with an aircraft specially chartered for the Life Ball. Hollywood star Sharon Stone joins the Life Ball for the first time. She visits the Festival of Life! What a year it was! #throwback #25YearsLifeBall

Donatella Versace styled the Vienna Life Ball 2005. For the first time since his death in 1997, the Italian fashion house Versace shows creations by Gianni Versace. Under the motto "Vienna rocks!" come singer Elton John, actress and singer Liza Minelli, top model Heidi Klum, fetish model Dita von Teese or actress Gudrun Landgrebe to Vienna. #throwback #25YearsLifeBall

“I believe the best thing that you can do with that spotlight is to stand in the shadow of something important, something you believe in and maybe cast some light on that. So that maybe the world can take notice. It’s not too late to change the future, I really do believe that and by focusing on HIV prevention and by just keeping this global support alive or this fight we can end AIDS.” - Charlize Theron
#throwback #25YearsLifeBall

“I’m delighted to be participating in Life Ball in Vienna. It’s important that we all do anything we can to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The celebration of life is something I feel very strongly about and try to encourage in my music.” – Anastacia #throwback #25YearsLifeBall

In the year 2002 the Life Ball celebrated its tenth anniversary with the slogan “A decade for life, a decade against AIDS”. #throwback #25YearsLifeBall

A milestone in the history of the Life Ball: For the first time, music legend Elton John was a special guest at the Life Ball event.
“When I founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation, we never imagined HIV would spread so fast and so wide. This global pandemic is a reality we must keep fighting, together, and with all the tools at our disposal. [LIFE+] and Life Ball is one organization which from the beginning has raised its voice to demand that AIDS is not forgotten, and those at risk not be marginalized.” - Sir Elton John
#throwback #25YearsLifeBall

“This is a spectacular event in one of the world’s greatest cities and it benefits from one of the most important causes a lifetime. We are deeply grateful to Life Ball for its generous support. It’s giving children with HIV and AIDS the prospect of living the full and productive lives that should be their birth right.” - Eva Longoria Parker #throwback #25YearsLifeBall

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