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A lot of people are waiting for spring flowers🌸, green leaves 🌿 and warm weather ☀ to have their photo session 📷 because they don't know that they can have beautiful pictures all year round. Look how much spring we have in photos we captured 3 weeks ago. There are always evergreens that can add a bit of color if you need it but deep brown looks wonderful too! .
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Just one more wedding photo, I promise! 🙈 I just really love this photo! 💙 There is so much #life , #hope , promise of a great future and #freedom in it! Does it make you feel the same?

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Isn't it amazing to dig into some old folders on your computer and spend an hour there going through gorgeous photos and reliving #theBestMoments of your life? 🌟 I couldn't just post three photos from that beautiful wedding, so, here are a few more. 📷 How do you capture some important milestones in your life? With cell phone? Camera (yourself)? Photographer?
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Happy Anniversary to the amazing couple and family! It was a pleasure to share that special day with you eight years ago and then watch your family grow! Cheers!

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What is the difference between business portrait and more artistic portrait? 👇
Compare this photo with the previous post. It is the same person, the same outfit but the feel is very different. What is a big no-no in business portrait (for example, no eye contact🙅) might be totally ok 👌in casual photo session. Your body position is not that critical anymore. You still send a certain message to a viewer but the message doesn't have to be restrained to a particular character. In short, in casual photos you can play any role, be anybody you want to be (without putting too much thoughts into it). How do you usually take photos? What is your process? Do you pay attention to any of those things at all or do you go with a flow? Do you like the result?💛 #lifeandcamera #photographerBurlington #profilephoto #subcontography #businessportrait #portraitmood

Ok, now we know what was wrong with the previous photo 😊 Let’s talk about RIGHT things 👍
As some of you mentioned, you liked that photo and it felt good to you regardless of my criticism 😉 I was very picky on purpose because I wanted to illustrate what could be done better. Let’s see what made that photo strong. 💪

1.  A lot of natural light.☀ We all know that sunshine makes us feel good. When we see the same color spectrum in the photo, reinforced by light spots on the wall, it give us that feeling of beautiful sunny day and we mentally want to get closer to the person in the photo to experience that warmth. 🌄

2.  Direct eye contact and soft smile shows openness to communication, invites us to start a conversation. 😀

3.  White shirt gives a sense of formality. At the same time, unbuttoned collar, rolled up sleeves and blue jeans help to avoid excessive primness. Rolled up sleeves are also a sign of hardworking. ☝

4.  Colors: white – honesty, blue – strength, light grey – balance, lentrepreneured together they present us a strong, trustworthy person with calm and logical mind. Who wouldn’t want to work with him?💁 5.  Brick/stone background gives our subconscious feeling of stability and strong foundation. We can almost physically feel that support we can rely on.👥 How do you feel about this photo now? Do these points reflect the positive feeling you had originally?

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What is WRONG with this photo?
I took this photo some time ago before I learned to pay attention to small details that make a big difference. 😕 From art perspective, there is no wrong or right photo and it all comes down to one question "What are we trying to make people feel when they look at it?". 👀 The model is absolutely handsome and looks fantastic here 👍 This photo would be great for personal social media but I would not use it for business profile. Why? There are three reasons for it:

1. Leaning against the wall is ok in casual photos as it creates impression of easy going person with relaxed attitude. 😌 However, I would not recommend to use this pose in your business photos, especially if you are promoting your leadership skills, as it demonstrate that you cannot stand independently and need extra support. ☝

2. Hands. Inside. The pockets. I see this mistake in professional photos all the time (ex. realtors, coaches and many others). We communicate with people by speech👄, eyes eyes👀, hands👐 and body language 💁 in general. Photos don't have audio in them, hence, your main instruments are eyes and hands. Hiding hands in the pockets is like staring at the floor instead of looking into person's eyes. Crossing arms on your chest is not a good idea either.🙅 Your body conveys the message that you want to close from or to put a a barrier between yourself and someone or something you don't like or don't feel comfortable with. Your hands must be visible and relaxed.

3. Keeping hands in tight jeans pockets elevates your arms and shoulders a bit. Elevated shoulders look like you are trying to pull your head inside/towards your torso. That is what turtles do in case of danger and it is called "turtle effect". 🐢Try to keep your hands relaxed, shake them, move your shoulders... If it doesn't help and you still feel very uncomfortable during your photo session, read my previous post. 👉

For those who were asking what to do with their hands, use them as they are meant to be used for now 😂 I am thinking about writing another post about this topic soon! Stay tuned. ✌

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How to get natural looking photos? How to feel comfortable during your photo sessions? 📷
Many of us feel very uneasy in front of the camera. Our body translates what we feel into unnatural smile and stiff muscles resulting in somewhat weird photos. 🙈
Natural and beautiful photos usually require 2 elements:
☑ Being comfortable with the photographer
☑ Being comfortable in front of the camera
🔹To trust and to feel comfortable with photographer is not always the same type of "comfortable" feeling we experience with our friends. People often feel that they are not photogenic because they don't see some parts of their personalities in the photos that they would like to see. Photographer-model team becomes successful when photographer understands what exactly the person is looking for, which is often unclear for clients themselves. That is when it is essential to have a photographer who is willing to put as much time and effort into your work as needed to understand those nuances.
🔹The second part is how to be comfortable in front of the camera. First of all, it is about your experience. You need to establish similar relationship with this part of technology as you have with its owner :) The best way is to just start taking pictures. Initially it feels awkward but, as time passes by, it would feel more and more natural. It is great if photographer can speak casually with you during the photo session, make jokes and give you some unobtrusive suggestions. I usually do it by first mimicking model's current pose (without stopping our casual conversation) and then slowly move into a different, desired pose. Our brain is amazing and often a person changes his/her pose without even realizing that they have done so.
❗Full version of this post together with VERY HELPFUL technique that I recommend to my clients is in my latest post in my blog (sorry, Instagram just doesn't allow more than 2200 characters). Follow the link in my bio or just type

Does it help a bit? Do you feel more confident that photo session can be a pleasure time?
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What is common between your grade 6 MATH CLASS and PHOTOGRAPHY? 📚 Wait! Don't get scarred by "M" word! 😆
Do you remember that number line with zero in the middle, negative numbers on your left and positive numbers on your right? 📏
That is how our subconscious sees it: left as our past and right as our future. In this photo I positioned Melissa in the future (the place she will lead her clients to) with acknowledgement of the past (her body direction). In this case, the message is "I have succeeded already and I can help you as well". How would the message change if we have mirrored this photo?

You can use this knowledge in your family photos too but remember to play a “balance trick”: 👶 place the youngest person in the past (left) and 👵 the oldest person in the future (right). Why? Because there is enough energy in babies to make the past feel like the present and placing grandma on the right will “charge” her with a lot of live energy and bring her to your future. Get the idea? 👍

PS I still think about the "chicken and egg" question here: did humans come up with this type of number line because of our subconscious or does our subconscious see it this way because of our prior knowledge about number line and coordinate system? 😏

This photo: writing coach @melissaeanders shares her story. Check her website if you need support in your writing journey.

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How often do you notice your reaction to a particular photo you see in a magazine or on Instagram? 😏  Why some profile pictures look trustworthy 👩and win your business while others turn you away? 🙉 Why you scroll impatiently through some Instagram photos, while others make you stop, look, like them ❤️and look again?
Read how our subconscious 💭  sees left ⬅ or right ➡, how we feel about particular colour 🌈and how our body language tells a story in my new SUBCONTOGRAPHY page! Link in bio!

This photo: confident and strong writing coach @melissaeanders . Read about her journey on her website

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Did you have some family unique traditions when you were a child? What are these sweet little moments that you dive back into when you feel sad? Now, when you are not a child anymore, do you keep these traditions alive in your own family?
In winter when it is cold outside, we tend to look for warmth in our hearts and souls. And all family traditions become just so much more appreciated and needed. What is your favorite family activity when there is so much snow outside? Does your entire family go build a snowman or get into snowball fight (hopefully, the only type of fight you ever get into :) ) in a park? Or maybe children get a magic wand and turn mommy into a horse (temporary) to get a sleigh ride? Or maybe you love ski/skate/hockey? The winter is absolutely beautiful and fun but if you don't like cold weather, there is no better time to stay inside, drink hot chocolate/tea and make cookies, draw hearts in flour powder on the table and wait patiently at the oven for cookies to turn golden brown (then sprinkle them with cinnamon and nutmeg ;) ). Whatever it is, capture these moments. They last a lifetime!
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Why I don't do Christmas mini sessions anymore? 📷
Simply because I believe in quality over quantity. 🌟
Once I decided to participate in one of those mini sessions (as a customer). The photographer was good but all photos turned out so soulless that I haven't use a single photo from that session for anything. Have not even posted on my FB page. 🙈
One year I thought that I should still try mini sessions format as a photographer. I remembered my own experience and how we were "done" after 15 minutes. So, even though I claimed that photo session would be 15mins, I left 1.5 hour for each family just in case. Well, for 5 out of 6 families the "mini" session did turn out to be 1.5 hours 😄 It is just takes time for people to open up, to feel completely comfortable and to be themselves; for family dynamic to show up and to creates funny moments and to capture them and not those "cheese" smiles.
So, I see mini sessions as fast food 😆 There is time and situations when that is what people need. And there are places that offer it. I choose to treat my customers as they would be treated in high-end restaurant. It is not better or worse. It is a different experience. That is it. 🎄
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