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لـ مصطفى أبو سعد 💜

I've spent three days listening to this man's speeches and reading his autobiography .. and all I can say that he was the smartest , bravest and strongest man at his time .. a searcher for the truth and justice with an honest passion.
His words were extremely inspiring.
A true role model , I have big respect for this warrior .

(brave - strong - intelligent - honest - passion - hopeful) these descriptions are the components of this Hero "Al hajj Malik" , known as: Malcolm X. 💜


Omg this is sooo me 😂🙈! أتسلط ابي أنظف البيت وقت الامتحانات حتى لو البيت نظيف اطلعلي شي ارتبه غصب😂

وسجلنا قبل شوي مواد آخر كورس لي فكلية الشريعه .. منو يصدق اني بالسنة الخامسة؟ جد معقوله! اللهم بارك والله السنين تررركض😭💕💜 ذكرياتج جميلة يا #شريعتي 💙 #شريعة_السعادة ..

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