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Marcelino  My family🍒, friends🌮 and snowboarding❄️. It's all I need. 🌨🌨♻️🌨🌨

Sunday commute #lakelevel

Now that our Independence Day is over, it's still a ways forward but I can feel these 🍦 dark days getting closer. The warm hot ☀️ just make me think of them even more. Enjoy your day everybody ✌🏽🏂

The EPA has a match for you.💣🎆 Have a safe Independence Day out there folks🇺🇸

Last place team, first place fans, first class win. Go ⚫️🍊!

First game, gets a ⚾️ hahahaha! ⚫️🍊 Go GIANTS!!! #molinabrothers

Gonna be a smoker out today ☀️Stay hydrated, get under some shade or stay in the water if you can and have a great day everybody😎✌🏽

Strider man watching for traffic 🤙🏽#molinabrothers

I've said it before and I'll be saying it again and again. Proud Papa!! Goodbye Kindergartener and hello 1st grader. Congratulations my son🖍✏️✂️📚👨🏽‍🎓 #molinabrothers

We did it!!! Finally got him out of his skeleton suit for a day without and fuss. Just enough time for dad to wash it. 💀He loves his bone suit. #futurebonedoc

Happy Mother's Day mama Beanza💐 You put in some hard work dealing with us mongrels everyday. Oh and traffic. Love you unconditionally @dreenagonzalez

⚫️🍊 17inning stretch

Stoked on my copy. Thanks @oligagnonphoto 🤙🏽💯

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