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Life Of Piggies  Happy cavies living in New York Ginger- 2 years old 2/14/14🚺 Buddy- 2 years old 3/9/14🚺

I know what you are doing mommy, if I pose will you give me carrots? 🐾go follow my amazing pawtners below 🐾 @georgetheguineapiggy @g.uinea_pigs @x_patch_the_piggy_x @lucy.cookie @lazyguineapiggies @peppaguineapig

Just a blob in a box 🐾Pawtners tagged🐾

Nom nom nom❤️ 🐾Pawtners tagged🐾

Mom might have gotten a little carried away, but we are celebrating in style🇺🇸🎉 🐾 Pawtners tagged🐾

Marvel at my cuteness human, and bring me more treats 🐾Pawtners tagged🐾

What ya doing mommy? Pawtners tagged🐾

Hi there👋

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