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lieve91  All nailart is made by me on my natural nails😄 🌼Took my pic? Credit me 🌸Inspired? #lieve91 🌻Business? 🌹26, Lj-Slovenia

I’m back from Canada peeps!❤️ I jad such an amazing time! And thanks to @chrystacle I have learned so much and can’t wait to start playing with the @uglyducklingnails products😍 Here are some simple nails, cos I haven’t found time to do sth more complicated🙈💋 These are done using @catrice.cosmetics and the rest is all hand drawn using @liquitexofficial acrylic paints 🌸 matte top coat is by @opi 😊

Hey peeps!😁 And hello from Canada!🍁 (tes, that’s the reason for the lack of posts). I went to Canada for three weeks- for personal pleasure and also to do some nail education done!! (SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT PART!!) hint -> @uglyducklingnails 😍🤩 I did some nail designs before I traveled, so my insta page doesn’t get too dusty😅 It’s still summer in my heart, therefor this design❤️ Done using @nailsinc nail polish called ‘Always on top’ on my middle and pinkie nail, which you can only get in their “Nail porn” duo🤩 Palm trees are hand drawn done using @whatsupnails mermaid liner #0 and @liquitexofficial acrylic paints🌺 Matte top coat is by @opi 🌴

Haven’t done any damask pattern nail art in a looong while- so I did it now❤️ All hand drawn with liquitex acrylic paints using @whatsupnails nail art brush called Mermaid #0 ☺️🌺

These new nails are inspired by a photo I saw on @pinterest (swipe left!😁)❤️ I got the chance to play with my new brushes by @whatsupnails and I used a Mermaid #1 liner brush☺️ Also I used @liquitexofficial acrylic paints😁 Black polish is by @essence_cosmetics which I got at @dm_slovenija 🌸 (oh and also the matt top coat!)🌺 And yes- everything is hand drawn, as always😘

These new “autumn-ish” nails are inspired by @nail_purelag ☺️🍂 I saw her photo on Pinterest and loved the way the floral design looked😍 All hand drawn as always with @liquitexofficial acrylic paints☺️

“Fall is in the air, la la la la!”🌸 So the Summer now ended unfortunately😪 But let’s all accept this cold weather and the fall/winter period😅 Base polish is by @essence_cosmetics and the rest is all hand drawn with @liquitexofficial acrylic paints. Matte top coat is by @essence_cosmetics 😘

These are the most simple and gorgeous nails I’ve done lately! I love, love, love how they look during daylight and also night time❤️ I used random nail foils that I got on @ebay , cut them, then pressed them on fresh base coat and that’s it!😁 I always have this thing in my head, that I have to spend hours on my nails to make them look good, but this literally took me 5minutes😅 Hope you like them as much as I do! And of course my main inspo for this look was @nail_unistella ❤️ She keeps mindblowing me with her ideas😍

Haven’t done any galaxy nails in a loooong time🌌 Added some star constellation too😁 Hope you like it as much as I do! All hand drawn as always❤️

So I saw this pattern (yes, on @pinterest ) and got the urge to draw it on my nails😁 That’s what usually happens❤️ So here it is. A combo of the pattern - which is as always hand drawn - and some simple nail design😊

Here are my new nails inspired by a photo I saw on @pinterest done by @jenaranyi 🌸 I love how the mountains turned out!😁 Haven’t done any detailed nail art in a while now. Hope you guys like it as much as I do! All hand drawn, of course, with @liquitexofficial acrylic paints🌸

Back from the seaside with #goodvibesonly 🌴🙌🏻😎 Swipe right to see the inspo for this design😁 All hand drawn with @liquitexofficial acrylic paints! Matte top coat by @opi ❤️

These nails are inspired by the design @osa.nails did-which I actually found on @pinterest ❤️ Base black polish is by @essence_cosmetics and the leaf pattern is hand drawn with @liquitexofficial acrylic paints😊 Matte top coat is also by @essence_cosmetics 🌸

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