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Liese Gardner 🚀  Marketing strategist igniting creative entrepreneurs with brand therapy. Fueled by #passionsthatdriveus! Posting design+life+biz inspiration.

If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, don't hesitate. Give in to it. Whatever it is, don't be afraid of its plenty. Joy is not made to be a crumb.
~ Mary Oliver
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Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible." ~ Audrey Hepburn

Five things I've learned about business (and life) from renovation
1. Pay attention.  Be mindful, focused, and take a deep breath before doing anything. 🛠
2. Don’t stop just because things get hard. Break it down into small projects, one at a time, and little by little it really does all get done.
3. There is always a solution. Getting frustrated only stands in the way of clarity.
4. Take a chance. There are people who agonize over paint colors and drawer pulls. Why? Life is just too short to second-guess yourself. Whatever it is, just do it!
5. Use applied strength. You can’t just clobber something with a hammer and expect it to respond in a meaningful way. But you also can’t be afraid to be strong. Applied strength in life and business is an art form as well. Never be afraid to be strong in the face of something that needs to be changed. 🔩
Yours truly, always under construction! 💋
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These bone salad forks are the latest addition to my mother's line of African goods. She began her business at 59. She's 81 now! She loves design that is both functional and beautiful. When you have passion for what you do, success is ageless. What are some of the ways you are bringing personal passions into your business? 
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Tools of the trade … three ideas to connect with your Instagram audience.
🌿Take them behind the scenes into a world of events, art or lifestyle they might not otherwise see.
🌿Give tips and trends that make your audience feel like both an insider and an expert.
🌿Create mini stories that show your audience a work in progress.
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They are culturally classified as weeds, but take a look at this image by photographer Daniel Shipp and tell me if you'd call them that. When given center stage, these overlooked flowers are truly transformed. What in our lives can we change with a shift of perception, a new way of seeing, and compassion? 🌿#mondayinspiration #passionsthatdriveus

I found the works of Sydney photographer Daniel Shipp beautiful. He miscasts what we'd culturally call "weeds" as that objects of beauty. And they are! Beauty is everywhere, even in the cracks and edges of our worlds. #beauty #passionsthatdriveus #inspiration #photography

Loved opening my @nytimes Style section this morning to an article by Marielle Wakim about Los Angeles-based #eventprof @yifatoren! ⠀
Featured: A beautiful summer backyard dinner party. Rustic tables with runners of peach begonias, fig branches and floral by @lillylodge and first names handwritten in chalk on the table. ⠀ ⠀
Five of Yifat's tips for summer parties. 1. lighting -- in addition to candles, string lights at the very least; 2. be a gracious host; 3. have a menu strategy; 4. give a toast; 5. seat the right people together. ⠀
⠀• ⠀
See for link in their profile for full article.
Photo: Laura Austin for the New York Times.
#summerparties #favepeople #eventprofs #eventdesign

A summer memory … a road trip years ago with my best, oldest friends, a stinky rental car, and a Kodak EK100 instant camera in tow.
I loved that camera. It documented the moment instantly (before smart phones), and offered a view of the world in soft focus (pre digital filters)! ⠀
I don’t know what made me take it on a road trip, but it was there with me when we got stuck in a massive traffic jam on the road at the Grand Canyon for hours. We were going nowhere, but did we care? We were together. ⠀
I was grateful for the camera then, but even more so now! These images are priceless.
#summerroadtrip #storytelling #friends #eventprofs

Race cars are engineered for the curves the road has in store for them. 🏎
What if we could approach life as if it was a road and we were race cars? Would we be able to trust in our own precision engineering? Could we speed up on a bend, rather than putting on the brakes of doubt and throwing off our equilibrium?
Imagine if we were sleek Italian roadsters. We’d look forward to taking every curve on our journey that we can clearly see and be delighted by the ones we don’t!
Roll quickly, smoothly and expertly through those curves in the road. Ciao! 💋

What once was a "frose" (frozen Rose) cocktail is now just a pretty pink drink. Summer melting. 🌸
Recipe courtesy of @onehope
1 bottle One Hope Rose
3 oz simple syrup
3 oz fresh lemon juice
3 oz Limincello
4 slices lemon
Freeze Rose in ice cube tray. Blend with syrup, lemon 🍋 juice and limoncello. Pour into glasses, garnish with lemon twists. Enjoy!
#rose rose #passionsthatdriveus #winelover #cocktail

Some design inspiration from the week! I saw these at @wbspecialevents and wanted to pass it along! 💛 these vintage film reel covers as base plates; great for an event that needs a touch of Hollywood. Extra step: Brand them with the event name or logo. These were branded with the Warner Bros. shield. #eventprofs #tabletopdesign

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