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Liese Gardner πŸš€  Marketing strategist igniting creative entrepreneurs with brand therapy. Fueled by #passionsthatdriveus! Posting design+life+biz inspiration.

To make our dreams come true, we need to chase them in the light of day!
Because if left on their own, our dreams would just lie there all sleepy like. Wake 'em up!
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At work today on a new blog post. I can't believe I've been too busy to recap our first Brand Therapy workshop! So many great takeaways coming your way next week. Much of my inspiration can be found in this book by @altucher. And actually... it DOES make good beach reading. Sand, sun and pool tested! β˜€οΈπŸ’¦#brandtherapy #reinvention #eventprofs

Discoveries! From foraging Instagram to foraging in nature... it's always exciting to find that small pebble of beauty and truth that changes our way of seeing.
@morningaltars was my favorite discovery this week! All elements of this work are foraged and site specific to where he creates #earthart
Beauty and inspiration are literally at our feet when we pay attention! #passionsthatdriveus

golden bell flower, princess flower, eucalyptus bark, red berry, abutilon striatum, deodar cedar pine
Photo via @morningaltars

Why fight it? I could sit here for hours writing a caption when this image says it all! 🎯#inspiration is everywhere. @bizbash @thirsty4fwr @freshwata #passionsthatdriveus #livecolorfully

This week is turning peachy! I'm inspired by summer in all its delicious glory and bringing all that juicy goodness into my plans for both work and play!πŸ‘What are your sweet summer plans? #eventprofs #passionsthatdriveus

Bam! πŸ’₯ This is what I'm talking about! Visual language that disrupts the usual flow of thinking. As a longtime reader of @bonappetitmag, this is a very different cover image. It must have caused some interesting discussions in the art and edit meetings! πŸ‘
Kudos to them for using their cover, the most prized piece of visual real estate for a magazine, to make a big visual statement with which to convey their message and big news.
See more on visual language on my blog post, Documenting a Creative Life. Link in bio. #eventprofs #creativity #creativelife

Love exploring new event sites around Los Angeles. Charmed by @therubystreet. Hearing from a panel of women who live their adventure. ❀️ #createcultivate #eddiebauer #popup #livetheadventure #passionsthatdriveus

The perfect Sunday! #weekend #weekendvibes #sundays

"Cliched language produces cliched thinking" -- George Orwell.
The last in my series on Peter Beard and his creative, chaotic, inspiring diaries from his time in Africa. I post work like this because it inspires and pushes me to take my own work and visual language past the cliched toward exciting new directions. It's my hope it inspires you too! 🐘
Find the exotic, wild and precious that is you. Express your joy or heartbreak without caring who sees it, worrying if it fits your "brand" or if it doesn't look like what everyone else is doing. πŸ’‘
Live. Love. Fail. Get messy. Get bold. Try everything. I'm right here with you doing the same! 🌿
#artistslife #inspiration #peterbeard #passionsthatdriveus

When the artist is the art. Peter Beard on Peter Beard.
#creativelife #Peterbeard #journal #africa #art

Peter Beard's diaries ✨ Intoxicating, alert, alive ✨ A rare view inside a creative mind and life. Link in bio. #peterbeard #journal #inspiration #passionsthatdriveus

I'm a big fan of journals. And no one created them better than artist, traveler, free spirit, Peter Beard. In this photo (taken in Africa circa 1970), he is at work on one of his many journals.
Beard was, and still is, an inspiration to me ... for his passion for wildlife, his artistic touch (even his camp tent is magazine-worthy) and his ability to rock a sarong and denim shirt!
Exotic locales, animals and even people were his milieu. But those things aren't necessary for you and me to live a big, creative life. Because our creative spirit isn't AROUND us, it's IN us. Go into yourself, wrote the poet Rilke, to see how deep the place is from which your life flows.
#passionsthatdriveus #eventprofs #peterbeard #journal #inspiration

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