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Michael Liera Jr. 

3rd place at Pans // I'm not completely satisfied with these results, especially after getting #Lepri'd on, but I'm very grateful for the opportunity to keep moving forward in chasing my dreams.
I'd like to thank @atosjiujitsuhq @galvaobjj @mendesbros for helping me prepare, and I'd also like to congratulate everyone on the team title!
@shoyoroll @bearsyr ✌🏼

See y'all tomorrow.

There is no one I enjoy sharing the bull pen with more than this gentleman right here, @andrisbrunovskis. This weekend we're back at it again, ain't nothings changed..
#atos #leve #ateam

Yesterday with @lucasbarbosajj, the CHAMP.

In a whirlwind of a 6 minute match, I didn't get the decision. Congrats to my opponent, @piterbjj for the great match! I'd like to thank @fivegrappling for the opportunity, @atosjiujitsuhq and @galvaobjj for always backing me through the ups and downs, and everyone who helped me get to this point. Anytime I lose I realize one thing: Living Jiu Jitsu is simply the best. I wouldn't give it up for anything.
Also, yesterday I had the pleasure of hijacking the @showtheartx instagram page. It was an honor, considering @showtheartx has and continues to be one of my favorite Jiu Jitsu social media pages around. Oss!

Huge thank you to hands down one of the best bjj pages around for the opportunity. I've never done this before 😳 but I'm down! I'll be covering the @fivegrappling super league event, as well as the time before and after. Osssss

Yesterday was super rad! Nonstop rounds @aojacademy with a few of Atos' lightweight up and comers:
@aleborgonovojj @mateusrodriguesjj @leolarajj @jonnatas_gracie
Stoked to see them all do their thing next weekend! And I'm feeling super pumped for tomorrow's @fivegrappling super fight! @flograppling for the live stream ✌🏼

Bill Cooper has been a hero of mine since I was a white belt watching him kill it at Worlds as a brown belt in 2007. I was really looking forward to sharing the big @fivegrappling stage with him. Unfortunately, due to an injury he won't be able to fight. Don't worry, that match up has merely been postponed 😉
With that being said, @piterbjj has stepped up on super short notice. Catch this and many other much anticipated matches by tuning in to @flograppling
#fivegrappling #5superleague #5SL

getting ready to fight the Grill, March 11 .
Tickets at // live stream on @flograppling.


@shoyoroll visits since 2011.

I've been quiet, I've been working hard. Im super excited for this event, you should be too. Dec. 3. // @flograppling @fivegrappling

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