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Lien Pham  i'm also at @travelling.panties

maybe all this time the problem has been the *fact* that i am high key narcissistic

beautiful friend beautiful window shutters

beautiful friend beautiful tiles

i guess that was when you knew for sure

i didnt know better so i wished for stories. they came but they killed me.

years and places in the making

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baby we were gonna be the coolest couple in town. your gosha rubchinskiy and my crown. were gonna go from Regina to Paris to NYC. but im the only one into fantasies. fuck you. i dream bigger now. nothing's bigger than nothing at all.

i've ruined paris for myself. i should have passed on the zig zag and the company and enjoyed a bubble tea next to nobody. should have passed on awkward nights at stupid tapas places and enjoyed more sunsets on bare concrete that would have soothed my soul. wishing i can say there's no one to blame but i do blame you. i will be back one day just to get it right. but i can't. i can only stay away from parts of the world too ruined for me to save. parts of me too ruined for me to save.

i've tried all this time

recently i've been editing my portfolio again to create a more honest representation of myself and my work. i chose to publish this collection of past instagram posts on relationships and my depression first, for it has been the dominating aspects of my life for the past couple of years. i've never been secretive about my own struggles, but i've definitely become more reserved to rely on others as these relationships became more complicated than i myself could comprehend. as a result, i had turned more and more to instagram as an outlet for me to visually express my stories, my pain, my depression. link in bio. please see it on a laptop/desktop!
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