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Alicia Cox  My life on the Northern CA coast

I could write something sappy and deeply personal. I could reflect on the years past and the ones to come. But I think I’ll keep all that just between us two and simply say this...

To my husband of 8 years, you’re the only one I want to bug me for the rest of my life

He’s really good at it 😉

Feelin’ those October vibes 🎃🍁✨

4 years ago we adopted a tiny fuzzy little kitten that we found after searching dozens of profiles on the internet. His name was Mirko and he lived in Vacaville. We don’t know his story prior to being fostered at a house with numerous adoptable pets, and he didn’t have any brothers or sisters. We decided he was the one we’d been looking for. I warned my husband that I’d be totally into a kitten but that when it grew old enough to go outside that was where it would need to live as I’d always had allergies and I’d only had outdoor pets while growing up. When I came home from work one night to find that Jake had driven 10 hrs to pick him up to surprise me, I couldn’t help but swoop up my tiny new kitten that I instantly loved. We named him Mac, and he never got the boot to live fully outside, nor does he trigger any allergies. I’m not ashamed to call myself a crazy cat lady and I definitely am totally crazy for this cat.

Spring is workin’ it’s magic and I’m doing my best to enjoy it. The season of dreaming up all the possibilities is giving way to the time to put in the work to make stuff happen.

We said goodbye to my Tia Ana this weekend...I cannot describe how it felt to watch my dad say goodbye to one of his sisters. He instilled in us the importance of family and is the best example of taking care of the people he loves. Memories of my aunt are some of my most treasured. I pray she is at peace and dancing up in heaven 💃🏽✨

Some days it’s the little things that bring joy in a moment that you most need it #gratitude

I had a hard time getting started today. The length of my to-do list had me feeling defeated before I even began. I know better than to look at what I want to accomplish as a whole blob of things that need to be done at once rather than break it all down into mini projects that can be scratched off as I get them done. But I do it anyway. The Christmas baubles are all tucked away and that made me happy. Until I remembered the lights are all still up outside 🤷🏻‍♀️

Scrolling through all the feeds and reading 2017 summations and 2018 goals has led me to feel inspired, overwhelmed, hopeful, anxious, anticipating what may come and scared of failing in the same moment.
It’s been years since I’ve kept a regular journal and looking back, I realize that Instagram is really the only place I’ve documented my life. But even though the images are familiar and jog some memories, I’m often left wondering about the deeper happenings and feelings behind the photos. In this space, throughout the coming year, I want to document my fuller story and share more. I think it will bring more purpose to how I use this space and more importantly, hold me accountable to the hopes and dreams that continuously swirl around in my head and heart💕

Not quite ready to pack up all the glimmering about you?

Weather you’re home alone, surrounded by family with two legs or four, at work 🙋🏻‍♀️, or on the road, I hope this day is filled with all that is most important to you 💕🎄

The plan was to go to the beach and take along the morning coffee and breakfast treats...but a sneaker wave warning and an angry neck situation had us switching those plans. So, coffee in bed on a heating pad with a few more of Santa’s cookies and a side of football is how we’re rollin’. It might just be where we stay all day 🤷🏻‍♀️

I *might* have taste tested a couple of Santa’s cookies

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