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Lightning in a Bottle  Celebrating Art, Music, Performance, Sustainability & Life⚡️ #LIB2019 is happening May 8th-13th at Buena Vista Lake in Kern County, CA.

Welcome to the Beacon, the main stage within the Compass. This is where keynote speakers give talks on a wide array of topics during the day, and where cutting edge music and performance own the night. Get ready to engage the senses, expand the mind, and be inspired to act in your community out beyond the festival.
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Together, we create a culture of belonging ❤️ #lib2019 #thecompassatlib
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Our merch pre-sale items are here! Skip the lines at the merch booth and lock in your #LIB2019 gear today ⚡️ Link in Story Highlights!

A great LIB starts with how we treat ourselves, how we treat those around us, and continues to ripple out from there. 🙏 Learn more at

Tickets for our SF pre-party featuring #twofingers, @ivylab, @thriftworks, @dorfex_bos, and @nico_luminous are on sale now! Come join us at @themidwaysf on April 12th to get your LIB party started early ⚡️ Ticket link in our Story.

While inside the @grandartique's town of Frontierville at LIB, you are likely to roam into a hotel, encounter a character or six, take a pickleback, and hear genre-spanning sounds. Be sure to make the trip to Frontierville, and to give you a taste of the sounds you'll hear read our latest blog on the 6 sets to catch here this May! Link in our Story.

LIB is a festival community where we all belong and contribute! ⚡️ Learn more at the link in our 6 Ways Story Highlight.

A glimpse at the talks, workshops, and cultural offerings that will be available to you this May ⚡️ #LIB2019

Presenting your 2019 Learning & Culture Lineup ⚡️ Beyond the music at LIB, you'll find a wide array of talks, workshops, and cultural offering inside the Compass. This area within the festival is the educational heart of LIB, offering diverse programming to engage the senses, expand the mind, and inspire community action. It is also home to cutting edge music and performance focused on creating an uplifting and nourishing shared experience.

Learn more about the Compass and explore the offerings that will be available to you this May at the link in our “Lineups” Story Highlight.

What’s going on here? @grandartique @beatsantique 🐻

Happy International Women’s Day ❤️ Tag your girl gang and let them know you love them.

A whirlwind of color and sound 🌀🌈 #LIB2019

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