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Still reeling from last nights @leonbridgesofficial show🔥good lawd .

Thank you @sbaltin1 & @hiltonhonors for having me
#hiltonhonorsmusic #leonbridges

Missing you, sweet Boy.

BKLYN bb // terrible hider 📷🍂



Music heals. Music transports us back to the sweetest of memories. Music, sometimes, is the only thing that makes any sense at all.

Thank you @leonbridgesofficial, you had me and @kellied82 on our feet dancing the entire show even though we were the only ones (not sorry) in our entire section. That was the first time I’ve smiled that much in weeks. Kel, thank you💙
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Been spending a lot of time here listening to my favorite sounds. Let’s stop romanticising busy, type of way 🌿

In the Wasatch Mountains in Utah,
there is an Aspen Grove
made of 47,000 trees.

Until they discovered
that it was not
a forest of trees
but one single organism,
joined together by a single root system
connected so strongly, so intimately
that it forms an entire forest,
tough, breathing, beautiful,
and the largest organism in the world.

Your broken heart
is like this Aspen Grove.

It may feel broken right now,
and on the surface,
a few trees,
a few pieces of you
may be missing.

But underneath the ground
there are a thousand strong roots
keeping it strong,
keeping it beating
and keeping you alive. ~ @nikita_gill .
#pando #aspengrove ##aspentrees #beautahful #missmyboy

There are simply no words to express the amount of joy and light Benson brought into my life from the moment we met. To know Benny was to love Benny, to light up and be looked at by those soulful eyes, to giggle in his presence until his very last moments. My heart is broken, but every second was worth it. Benny, our Superdog, love of my life, your legend will live on forever. Run free my sweet boy, you are so loved.

She put on her hat and sunnies and said, “Ohhh yeeeahh” in a jazzy voice. Then, reminded me to use my feet while we climbed up to the top. She my lil 🦄💫 buddy
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