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More pattern play. The extent that can be done on my phone while sitting on the couch, at least. #makeartforfiveminutes

I don't just work on my own quilts. I actually love quilting so much that it brings me great joy to finish other people's unfinished quilts. Here's the first of four quilts that I am finishing for a neighbor whose mom made these in 1980.#libbydibbyquilts

To everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn) and a time for every purpose under heaven. #circlesonthebrain #libbydibbyquilts #newkneesforlibby

Limited material and mobility often end up with me pushing ideas far further than I normally would have the patience for.

I think my favorite part about drawing is that whatever I draw wasn't there 5 minutes ago. And now it's there. #makeartforfiveminutes

I'm getting into the groove of sitting here on the couch. 5 days down and about 5 weeks to go. I've watched all of "The Crown" and stitched a lot... today I got my watercolors and ink out and messed around in my sketchbook and journaling bible for a while. I took a Creativebug class. I got a new quilt idea, too. Then I remembered that I never did post this one which was a favorite of mine last year - this is a black and white version of the pic... because I'd love to do it in this color family... but it's definitely one I want to revisit. (Original was made with fabric by @lesliejenisonstudio for #rjrfabrics. I never saw it finished in person, but she did have it in her booth at market) #newkneesforlibby #🐝authentic #quiltwithlove

Doodling while under the influence #makeartforfiveminutes

The skirt is finished now. I have to wait a few months before I can wear skirts again... on to the next recovery slow stitching project... #libbydibbyquilts #newkneesforlibby

This kid has strapped himself into my knee machine so we have boo boos together. And yes that weirdly skinny other leg is my atrophied first knee. #newkneesforlibby #crayonmountain

Standing long enough to try on this #alabamachanin skirt over my massive leg brace. Cool invalid fuzzy socks too.

Miles of itty bitty hand stitches as I sew my way through recovery. #alabamachanin #libbydibbyquilts

In and out of drugged sleepy stupors - and lots of pain and painkillers too, but overall choosing joy. #newkneesforlibby