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A better pic of the #kiomidress I made from #embracedoublegauze ... I wore it to church this morning, but it felt like cheating and wearing pajamas... shhhh.... #mmmay17

So proud of my friend @artlovely and her amazing show that opened tonight in Chinatown. The work was stunning (why did I not take photos of it?) and she sold a bunch of pieces in the first few hours!!!! There were a bunch of us from the @lamqg there to support her and it was a great excuse for Jay and I to have a date and some REALLY good Chinese food. And of course I had to wear my new #shweshwe dress... #lamqg

Well, I'm attempting basting today.... nothing like the approach of the end of the school year to make me remember I have a pretty incredible 5th grade teacher I need to have a gift for.... all of the other teachers are great too, but middle school and preschool have so many teachers, only one full quilt is being made right now...

Ah @joethequilter - this and my tea are making for a good Saturday morning moment. Your cd is living in my kitchen player these days, switching in and out with a cd from a marimba band I loved in South Africa. #goodmorning

Haven't posted an update on the #newkneesforlibby for a while. Mostly because it's been a super bummer and I hate posting about negative stuff. Remember when I hurt myself before my Africa trip? They think I tore my meniscus then - likely because my knees were weak and I was acting over confidently by walking quickly up a spiral staircase. it's been crazy pain and nonstop swelling since then. I'm so tired of all my free time being spent in physical therapy appointments. That's why I have been making clothes instead of quilts. I've got 4 finished quilt tops ready to baste, but I can't get on the ground to baste them. So send up those thoughts and prayers for me. Next MRI is next Saturday - the day after my 12yo daughter has her first knee surgery. You guys... 😒#ijustneedtogetstrong

It's in like every photo that includes my right hand these days, but here's another South African gem that came home with me. I think this might rank in the top 10 favorite pieces of jewelry I own.

I did not make this #shweshwe shirt that Jay is wearing. He bought like 4 of the store samples at #mnanditextiles - but I love that my man loves textiles as much as I do. Also, they're super cool shirts. #notquiteasmuchasido

Super hard to see the details of this #kiomidress because of its color, but it's made from #embracedoublegauze and is so super soft. Better pics definitely necessary. #mmmay17 #shannonfabrics @shannonfabrics

Forgot to post a pic of what Jay gave me for Mothers' Day this year. I have wanted one of these for years and it feels like the perfect little token.

Tried to catch a minute to sew some bias tape on the armholes of my next kiomi dress after dinner. This guy brought in his favorite "sewing washeen" and had his own bias tape tangle to deal with. Real life means we got 4-5 minutes before I had to change his diaper and air out the studio. 😂😒💩🙀

The question I have for myself with each of these amazing fabrics I bought in South Africa is "what am I going to make with this?" I am determined not to stash or hoard these, but to enjoy them.

One of the big highlights of my weekend was teaching a short arts workshop on my church retreat. I absolutely love sharing and teaching art. This class was a little new in that there was a spiritual aspect to it and I shared a bit more of my story about our loss and grief than I have in past classes, but the artistic process has been such a giant part of my healing that that part was good, too, even if challenging. #makeartforfiveminutes

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