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Libby | Artist | LA  Dark soul, bright colors 🔮


The studio corner situation rn. I 💗 shiny things!! 😝Just realized how girly it is that I have been painting mostly with pink and purple bases and using shiny medium overlays 💅🏻✨💎 also this stack of paintings is getting really high 📚also I’m super bored right now and have just painting in bed all day since I somehow got sick 😭😷 apologies for the obsessive posting and story-ing 👀😭 this is what happens when I leave myself in a room all day 👹 I tried to read and watch Netflix but wasn’t able to concentrate on either of those and just had to paint on my bed. I have only gotten a few watercolor stains on the sheets so far today 😬 teehee oops good thing I don’t share a bed with anyone #happythanksgiving

Beautiful things are fragile —  Guillermo del Toro, Crimson Peak | 18” x 24”, oil on canvas #toomuchturpentine #abstractart

My obsession with Echo Park is reaching new heights ... even the fire hydrants are inspiring me ☺️ #watercoloroncanvas #iloveechopark #wip

Good morning ✨ some mornings feel like freaking 🎄CHRISTMAS🎄when you’re an artist because you get to look at all the things you made yesterday and it feels like little presents left for you from Santa 🎁 (except Santa is you 😂) and you never know exactly what your paintings are going to look like in the morning because paint can do really unexpected things when it dries and sometimes it was really dark when you were painting the night before and you may or may not have eaten an edible while you were painting at the end there and the morning light is the best time to look at anything anyways always. I️ was debating taking these into my room last night with me when I️ was going to bed so that I️ would wake up next to them but I️ decided to leave them on the dining table instead and was SUPER EXCITED when I️ walked into the living room and remembered they were there lolol. Ok yeahhh guys being an artist means being a freak! ☄️ Also I’ve had way too much coffee already. #watercoloroncanvas #echopark

little baby Echo Park watercolor on canvas panels side by side #wips 👶🏻💜#echopark

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. – Farrah Gray 🙏🏼 | 📷: Mahita Penke #processshot

Sitting in the studio, working on an old painting, doing freelance work, drinking coffee, painting my nails and staring at the view ✨ #itsthelittlethings #grateful #freelancelife #whoneedsawebsitelol #orapainting #😂

The outcome of just being like “whatever I’m not cleaning this right now” after *every* paint session for the past ten years 😳🎨 [Insert ironic quote about life being a beautiful mess here] 📷: Mahita Penke #messyasfuck


Ethereal bodies, 3.5ft x 2ft Oil on canvas, 2011 #warpedcanvas #oopslol #flaming_abstracts

It finally feels like fall in Los Angeles. I am a bit bummed about the time change because that means there is way less natural light that comes in during the day now. And the quality of the light is less rich and has a slight tinge of grayness to it. I can feel the things I want to make change with the seasons. I can feel the sadness of summer leaving us when I lay in this light. Fall is the time to harvest and so I’m doing that. I’m focusing on being more deliberate and careful with my brush strokes, my paint, my materials and my actions, whereas in summer I allowed myself to be very free and detached to all of these things. I’m spending time restretching canvases that I worked on in the summer that weren’t fruitful for me. There is something therapeutic about accepting what didn’t work in these pieces and turning them over into something new. Restretching canvases is time consuming and physical and so it is a reminder of how precious time, actions and materials can be 🙏🏼

Art is love and art is life. A little glimpse into my world and connection to the source energy ✨ 🎥: @bwedner #artistvideo

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