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Libby Bulloff  Photographer, maker, anachromancer, tintypist at @henriettaseye.

Made a pit stop at the Happiest Cake Trailer On Earth yesterday: @deepseasugar's Airstream of baked delights. I'm not generally a cake guy but she is a true master of flavor and texture. We tried the Pistachio Lemon and Cara Cara Marmalade cupcakes. My favorite is the London Fog cake, which looks just as good as it tastes. πŸŽ‚πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ

It's always so nice when @henriettaseye makes spaghetti carbonara for dinner.

The neighbors' chickens discover bok choy. 😁 the jokes, they write themselves!

It's that time of year again! The time when the grocery stocks Assorted Fat Lambs! This year they're called Faty Lambs. Eeeee. πŸ‘ (h/t @alephnought)

Hand-me-down from a coworker. It was her father's. I hope I can learn to make it work.

Obfuscated by a wild pile of katsuobushi is a set of eight homemade takoyaki. I've got Japanese food on the brain this weekend. Takoyaki is my favorite thing to make right now--all of the poking and tucking and rolling appeals to my anxious and neurotic nature.

Homemade shabu-shabu seriousness with @kylegupton, @ashley.d.gillespie, and @henriettaseye. Pretty much the best intimate meal experience one can have. 🍜

Breakfast of champions: Fuji Bakery matcha chocolate croissant. No, it is not a green poo. πŸ’©πŸ₯

Stephen built us the most fantastic spice rack. All of the containers are labeled and magnetic and pull off the frame with a twist. We have a Spice Problem. This is the Spice Solution. #thespicemustflow #spiceworld #spicegirl

Delivered another batch of beetle elytra earrings to @belfryoddities. They'll be available there Thursday morning! Sterling silver ear wires and jump rings + Real Bug Bits. 🐞 These guys are particularly rainbow-toned this time. πŸ¦„

It snowed in Seattle. Neat!

Punk rock is a full time job.