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Libba Bray  I write books. When I want to avoid writing, I take pictures and post them.

Who among us has not made that same connection?

There is a saucy tree monster in my neighborhood. I want to be its friend. #nyc #streetsofnyc #brooklyn #monsters

Yes, stranger on the subway. Yes. (Found via #nyc

Taking a tip from @lbardugo’s #baymtgo and starting the morning with coffee, a new notebook, monsters, and a blank page. Let’s go, 2019! #amwriting #newideas #2019

Year’s-end lists can be joyful celebrations. But what if your year wasn’t so joyful?

2018 was one of the toughest, most challenging years I’ve ever had, one that took me down to the studs. It was a fistful of inconvenient truth.
Often, when we talk of transformation and growth, we give it a feel-good patina. That sells magazines. But the truth is, that growth is hard and messy, deeply painful, often ugly and frequently terrifying. It is about trying to dismantle our fear state with a tiny Phillips-head screwdriver. It is a series of confrontations with the self. It is filled with grief over what we must now let go of as well as deep uncertainty about the raw, still-nebulous New Us we’re inching toward.
This morning, while walking my dog (one of the best parts of 2018), I was floored by this moment: Dawn fights its way through a tangle of barren branches, an unformed, struggling mess of fire and light. Reaching. Stretching.
But Rising.

To all you Glorious Uncertain out there, may the messy sun shine on the start to your 2019. I wish you growth and joy in equal measure. Xo #2019 #newyear #courage

Killer lipstick.

Wendell wants to wish you a happy day spent with family or friends, and perhaps you might accidentally on purpose drop some turkey under the table.

A friend asked how the deadline was going. My response.

Someone please buy this menorah from @homebodybtque. ❤️

Portrait of a writer on serious deadline: Pie. Dorothy Parker mug. Coffee. Seltzer. Research books. Note cards. Stickies. Panic not pictured but ever present. #amwriting

TFW you realize you are a box. #streetsofnyc

These autumn mornings in the park are so glorious. I have to remind myself to stop and really drink them in before they’re gone.

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