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Lia Ricardo  baby dragon

A little render practice
Haven’t touched my are-you-sure-it-wasn’t-made-in-the-80s tablet since I stopped tattooing, but I needed a lil break from oils and mediums and references. Totally forgot how clean painting can be
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Guess who declared it done for the sake of her sanity, then discovered while looking at the photo that she forgot to give handlebars to the cupboards? 🙋🏼‍♀️
#oiloncanvas #contemporaryart #figurativepainting #allaprima #lettherebelight

A few closeups of my little princeling
Aviya made me name him
#oiloncanvas #figurativepainting #hyperrealism #oilportraits #contemporaryart

Sat on this one for about 15 hours straight yesterday. I think it might be the best portrait I’ve ever done, and I’m totally gonna mess this up with dem big plans I got for the left eye over there 🙊
#oilportrait #fineart #contemporaryart #figurativepainting #figurativedrawings

So far she’s got 3 legs and 5 arms and I’m very very confused over where this is headed
#yousnoozeyouconfuse #contemporaryart #oilpainting #figurativeart #figurativepainting #oiloncanvas

Time laps on second slide
Jayzus I love complimentary colors. Still needs a little glazing and touch ups to fix the values in the hands, but beyond that it’s pretty much done. Can’t describe how much fun I had with that one.
#oiloncanvas #contemporaryart #figurativeart #figurativepainting #oilpainting #animevibes

Time laps on second slide
For a while now I’ve been feeling a little stuck imagery wise. I know where I want to develop it, the vibe I’m looking for, I know the emotions I want to transfer and the artistic style, but have no idea how to turn in into a concrete concept in my head that I can actually transfer to canvas; like looking at your food in the oven and you’re staaarving but you know it’s not cooked yet.
So I’ve spent the last day painting some speed portraits just to practice, making sure I have golden cutlery to eat my food when it’s ready.
#oiloncavas #oilportraits #contemporaryart #figurativepainting #arttimelapse #hungryaf

This was a weird study of a glitched eye @pewdiepie . At some point I pretty much had his features nailed down, but everything was so smooth and picture-ish it became less alive somehow, kinda lost the art part of I just decided to go a little apeshit with the brushstrokes and see what happens 🤷🏼‍♀️
I’m getting so frustrated with finding the proper balance between how things look and how I want them to look and still maintaining the whole “it’s aliveeee” vibe, but I guess it’s a good frustration, cause there’s only growing from that stage.
#skrattarduförlorardu #oiloncavas #oilstudy #oilportraits #contemporaryart #figurativepaintings

Tried to work with a super super limited palette, and with the darks not so dark to continue working on my values. Need to let it dry a little before I add a shiny little chocker that may or may not have been erased 8 times ✨

I’m so lost at how to finish this piece I’m honestly considering to just cut out the piece of it that I like and just fuck the rest

Been trying to experiment a lil bit with low contrast, or rather creating contrast without using super dark and light colors.
This was done at about 4 in the morning, just wanted to do something quick and fun with leftover paint. You can see the sun rising through the process pics ☀️

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