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Lianne Tokey - Digital Artist  🖊 Digital Media Artist 🤳🏻 Makin’ Instagram Effects ❤️ Follow 4 Face Filters 👓 Check My Highlights ✨ Positivity Wins #instagrameffects #IGFilters

I’ve released a new effect called “Bold As Love”, where I continue to explore the idea of YOU becoming part of my art! Swipe 👉 to see it in action. 💙

If you look carefully at the abstract background I created for this effect, you may see I’m practicing how to say “love” in a couple languages 😊 💙

This effect uses a background feature similar to a “green-screen”, but please note this only works on newer devices. iOS devices must be iPhone 6S or later. Android devices must be Samsung Galaxy S6, Song Xperia Z2 or equivalent, or later. 💙

I would love to hear what you think! Please tag me in your stories and posts or comment below - would you like me to create more effects like this using my art in the background? 😊xo

Here is my latest filter - a big, beautiful mess I call “Splatter”, where YOU are become the work of art! 💙

If you follow me, it should be in your IG Camera Effects Carousel - or, you can check my stories to swipe up on any one using the effect. As always, I appreciate all of the kind messages and tags you guys have sent! Thank you for your support of my work, it means a lot to me 💜💙💚 ✌️Now go and make a mess of yourself 😜

Happy #InternationalWomensDay! To all of the ladies in my life who inspire, who support, who believe that we can always strive for more .. my wish for every woman is that she knows no limits. ❤️ 👉 swipe to see the process!

Must be #WildWednesday, because the Leopards are taking over Instagram! My latest effect is now in your IG Camera (if you’re following me), or you can click on the link in my bio ( 😻

I finally created an effect with ears and whiskers (tap to turn them off) and maybe now my daughter will actually use one?!? lol - love ya Miss L 😘 😻

As always, I love seeing how you use these effects! I’m so happy for the new friends I’ve made in Brazil and Russia - even though we don’t speak the same language, somehow we understand each other. What a fascinating time to be alive 😊. ❤️❤️❤️ Deve ser a quarta-feira Das Bruxas, porque os leopardos estão a tomar conta do Instagram! Meu último efeito está agora em sua câmera IG (se você está me seguindo), ou você pode clicar no link na minha biografia ( 😻

Eu finalmente criei um efeito com orelhas e bigodes (toque para desligá-los) e talvez agora minha filha vai realmente usar um?!? lol 😘 😻

Como sempre, eu adoro ver como você usa esses efeitos! Estou tão feliz pelos novos amigos que fiz no Brasil e na Rússia - apesar de não falarmos a mesma língua, de alguma forma entendemo-nos. Que altura fascinante para estar vivo! 😻 Это должна быть дикая среда, потому что леопарды по всему Instagram! Мой последний эффект теперь доступен ваша камера IG (если вы следуете за мной) или вы можете нажать на ссылку в моей биографии ( 😻

Я, наконец, создал эффект с ушами (нажмите, чтобы отключить их), и, возможно, теперь моя дочь действительно будет использовать один?!? 😘 😻

Как всегда, я люблю видеть, как вы используете эти эффекты! Я так рада за новых друзей я сделал в Бразилии и России - хотя мы не говорим на одном языке, мы как-то понимаем друг друга. Какое захватывающее время для жизни

“There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask: "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly?” ― Erin Hanson. 🦋

I am humbled and honoured that more than 50,000 of you follow me here and millions more have seen and enjoyed my work around the world. Dream your dreams, put in the work and your watch as you soar to new heights! 🦋 (👉 swipe to see me draw!) 🦋 “Свобода ждет тебя, на ветрах неба, и ты спрашиваешь: "что, если я упаду? - Но, дорогая моя, А что, если ты полетишь?” - Эрин Хэнсон 🦋 "Há liberdade à tua espera, nas brisas do céu, e tu perguntas: "e se eu cair?" Oh, meu querido, e se voares?” - Erin Hanson.

When I started making these filters, I knew one day I would announce that I had created a “Butterfly Effect” .. and my friends, today my latest mask/filter called “Butterfly” is live!! 🦋

Tap to swap antannae on/off and to rotate through 3 different butterflies. I hope you enjoy the vibrant colours as much as I do! 🦋

If you follow me, this effect has been added to your IG camera tray. You can also use the direct link I’ve included in my bio ( 🦋

I am so grateful for how kind you have all been, with such nice and supportive words about my work. It keeps me motivated to create more! Please tag me in your stories and posts, as I love to see how you use these. 😘🦋 #butterflyeffect

My latest Instagram effect is now live in your IG camera tray! “Rainha Azul” is filled with colour and a bit of sparkle to adorn your selfies - inspired by the gorgeous make up and masks of #Carnaval, I created this so we can all become a “Blue Queen” with this effect! 💙

I am so grateful to those of you who enjoy my art and effects - thank you for your kind words! I love to see how you use them, so please tag me in your stories and posts! 💙

To use this effect, follow me and they will show up in your Instagram camera tray. You can also get the direct link by clicking on the “” link in bio. 💙

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” - Roald Dahl ☀️#BeautyBeginsWithin

My latest Instagram Filter is now live! “Glossy Hearts” adds a pop of colour and some love to your photos 💜❤️! 💜

If you follow me, it’s already available in your camera tray - find it by opening your Instagram camera, and tap on the face filter icon (😊✨) to reveal your effects. 💜 (👉 swipe right to see it in action, and an example of the face filter icon in your camera tray) 💜

I love to see how you use these so please tag me in your posts and stories 💜❤️! Thanks to all of you who have tried my filters and who share your kind messages about my work 😊 - I truly appreciate it xo

Hello! Olá! Привет! To those of you have recently found me here on Instagram, I wanted to say hello 👋 and *thank you* for the kind and supportive response to my work here as an effects creator and artist. I look forward to sharing more of my creativity with you, and hope it inspires you a little to live a colourful, ++ positive ++ life 😊❤️💜💚💛😊! # 👉swipe for the process 👉

My response to the #BratzChallenge is LIVE! My “Dollface” Instagram Effect lets you transform yourself into a wide-eyed and colourful doll 😍 .. I laughed a lot making this one. Hope you have a giggle when you try it, too! 💜

Follow me to have this (and all of my filters) added to your camera tray. You can also click on the “linktree” link in bio for a direct link, or check out my stories and add from there! 💜 (👉 swipe to see my transformation using Dollface)

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