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little loves. ❤

if you look closely, you'll see the baseball in J's hand. we're hanging out and watching the cubbies play and he's been holding his "bay-bawl" and not really letting it out of his sight. he definitely has a thing for the ol' ball game. ☺👦🏻⚾️

dancing to the blues and enjoying each other's company. these moments do my soul good after a long, rough 2 weeks. 😘👱🏼‍♀️👦🏻

just a boy readin' books after nap time.

today was one of those days where I got a good bit of cleaning and organizing done only to turn around and have another space completely destroyed by the kids. sometimes I feel as though my progress in keeping the home is forever stalled by these kiddos and the to-do list is never ending. but as a good friend reminded me of something I always hold on to when I'm in the depths of motherhood despair, I am gonna miss these days. I'm gonna miss all the mess and destruction that they leave in their wake of their learning and play. I know I will. So for now, I'll go sit down with a glass of wine and recharge for tomorrow. Because it's gonna happen all over again, for sure. And I have to do my best to welcome it all in for the new day. Oh, motherhood. You sweet little stinker of a thing. 👱🏼‍♀️❤👦🏻 happy weekend!

playing school 👩🏼‍🏫✏️🗒🖍✂️📚📓

I feel like our little moose has officially entered into boyhood. He is full of all kinds of energy, gets into every possible thing imaginable, destroys a clean house within 3 seconds, and wants to eat constantly. Even as I was typing this, he fell right off the bed and landed on his head with his feet stuck in the air. He keeps us on our toes in a totally different way than Lydia ever did. But just like his sister, the kid can sleep. That's for sure. And he's a snuggely little love. 👦🏻😴❤

a quick shot of the kids yesterday waiting while daddy burned up some of our cash ☺💥 hope everyone had a great 4th! ours was pretty stellar. ❤

when the train conductor stops for lunch at the same spot you're getting dropped off by grandma/picked up by mommy and daddy and you take a squinty-eye picture and throw up the peace sign in your 90's denim vest and then mr conductor sir waves and blows the horn as he chugs away.✌🏻🚂 we're happy to have our little blue bird back home!

"God, thank you for my family. I love you and my family. It's the best life ever." -Lydia, age 5, when asked what the caption for this photo should be. 😍❤🙌🏻

our little helper boy. 🌾 i can only imagine his joy when we start laying out the pine straw. 🤗

i spent a hot minute putting that train track together and he instantly destroyed it just so he could try to do it himself. 🚂 such a boy. 💙 he's been solo the last day or so since sissy came down with a 24 hour stomach bug 😕 she seems to be on the mend this morning and he was so happy to see her. ❤ but seriously? a stomach bug in June?

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