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Charlie Lian  LAP THE COMPETITION™️ ✖️Certified Strength Coach✖️ ✖️LAP APPAREL✖️ 📩 Email For Training Options

Kristin working on her unilateral hamstring strength. The set up used is a bench connected to a rowing machine. We used the seat of the rower to act as a slide board too. Be creative and have fun! ✖️LAP ATHLETE✖️


Bootcamp or Dance Class? You decide.... @courtney_joy_inreallife @westbrook.amy @beachinalit @amyleighmaxwell ✖️LAP✖️

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Cole doing single arm DB bench press in his in season workouts. This exercise is great because it helps correct imbalances developed on the field. It also helps maintain upperbody strength while working the core. Make sure you train smart during the season and dont overload the body! ✖️LAP ATHLETE✖️


Banded Kneeling Hip Thrusts are a must in any effective glute program. The kneeling stance helps the athlete focus more on hip extension. The band also helps the athlete work the glutes in its full range of motion. ✖️LAP ATHLETE✖️


Kristin performing several Overhead Medicine Ball Tosses to really excite the nervous system. I am excited for her next phase of training because we are going to be implementing philosophy’s from contrast training. ✖️LAP ATHLETE✖️


Need a new hamstring exercise? Try these single leg swissball curls! This exercise helps you work on your unilateral hamstring strength while targeting the core. Lifting heavy weights are a must but also learning how to move your body weight efficiently, will make you a better athlete. ✖️LAP ATHLETE✖️

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