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Do you ever wish you could just pause time and keep it still? Me, like almost every single day. Especially around these three. So thankful for these three in my life. Jesus knows what I need in every single season of my life and I’m literally so thankful for their friendship. And all the laughs. So many laughs. And serious talks. That go deep. Every time I leave them, I feel so fulfilled. These girls literally make my life so much brighter 💗 @ritapavlenko @kristinabigun + the best sister ever, J

Can we talk about yesterday’s sunset this morning? 😍 I mean, just look at them! 100% real but totally filtered. Swipe right to see the unedited version 😝 #cottoncandy #cottoncandyclouds #clouds #sunset

〰️ @nina.silver you are my winner for the Beloved tee for you and a friend! Send me a message! Also, is it bad to obsess over your own clothing designs? Cause I’m really diggin’ this one 😍 #noshame #icouldweariteveryday

Y’all the song is LIVE & on iTunes! 🎵 Go spend the best 99 cents you’ll ever spend 😍 #linkinbio Also, a little testimony — everything I ever create, I always pray that it meets and exceeds the vision of the one who I’m creating for, I also ask Jesus to take over and do it for me cause I’m just here on earth, to do His will. He never fails. I sent this little video to @anastasia.fomenko the other day and the response gave me goosebumps. When God first put this song on her heart, she said this video was literally the vision she had for it a year ago before she wrote the song. Is that God or what?! Prayer works. God works. Don’t give up. Just reminding you if you haven’t see God answer your prayers in a while. 💗

Now I want coffee 🙄 Tag 5 friends to get this tee for you and a friend on me 〰️ feat. @gotjessie wearing the Beloved tee. 💕 @wldflwr.shop

Can I be honest with you all? When this idea of wildflower came to me, I had NO IDEA what I was in for but Jesus did. Super thankful this morning for all the testimonies I’ve heard thus far about how your story is being shared around the world — like Greece, Australia, China???? How??? Only Jesus, seriously. Next colors up on the board for @wldflwr.shop are peach, lilac, or rose pink... Which one would you wear? Or drop in a color you think I should consider 🌸💕

Sometimes life gets so busy, you forget to share your work. So here’s to posting more of my photography work 🙈 This is my beautiful friend @anastasia.fomenko and I just want to take a moment of your time to share about this special human (no, it’s not her birthday - I just want to give honor where it’s due). She is literally one of the most incredible people Jesus has placed in my life. One that has left quite an impact. The joy of Jesus shines through her. Her laughter is contagious. She is the definition of hospitality (literally). Several months ago she contacted me to take photos for her new single (coming out Jan. 26th! 😭💛✨) and she flew me out to California to capture her love for the ocean and to speak to her new song No Longer Afraid. That divine appointment was exactly what I needed in the season that I was in. Her constant flow of prayer and encouragement left me refreshed, renew, and inspired. I can’t wait for the world to hear her song and her story. Follow this beautiful human and show her some extra love on the 26th 😉 Love you @anastasia.fomenko and can’t wait for your talent to reach all the ends of the earth 💕💗

“Your words all add up to the sum total: Truth.” 〰️ Psalm 119:160 This verse is speaking volumes to me today. The truth is worth fighting for.

I’ve been asked quite often for more colors of the wildflower sweater so here’s a new one! Green was most requested so I chose a seafoam vintage green because I mean how can you not? It reminds me of my Europe trip to Italy with @miamoessinger and our week in Riomaggiore by the sea (best trip ever) - limited stock so go take one before it’s gone 🌊 #linkinbio #italy #sea #seafoamgreen #crewneck

birthday k i s s e s for J 🌸💕 #happy18thbirthday #sisters

Me: Marcus, can you take a photo of me?
Marcus: Of couuuurse, nana. (Brief pause)
Marcus: Nana, I can easilyyy take a photo.
Not the best quality shot or angle but since when has photography become that? Isn’t it about the memory? This photo will hold a forever memory for me. Love you #marcuslevi 😭❤️ And of course, he asked for one in return 😌 #4yearoldphotographer #photographerdiaries

I spy something new ♥️ So excited about this new sweater color & design. Swipe right to see all the deets! #linkinbio #saturdays #shopsmall #ohdarling

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