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The Holy Spirit told me to write this letter to someone today, and He wouldn’t let me continue with my day until I did. If this letter is for you, I hope it reminds you of your First Love. How much He loves you — I pray you crawl back to Him. I pray He refreshes you with a passion and fire so strong that nothing will ever satisfy like His Love. My body is physically aching when I think about how many Christians have become lukewarm. Oh, God please don’t spit us out. Let our hearts begin to tremble and sense your Spirit more than ever before. Wake us up. Oh, wake us up from our slumber. Let us find that intimacy that you desire to have with us.

Did you know olive leaves can help to wipe out colds & flu viruses faster than most medications? You’re welcome 😇 Also it helps with:
🌿 fighting viruses and bacteria in the body such as Shingles, Herpes, E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Klebsiella pneumonia 🌿 has the ability to significantly lower blood pressure and maintain it at a healthy level and it also helps to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and prevent the risk of strokes and heart disease
🌿 has been known to benefit those suffering with diabetes, high cholesterol, bronchitis, gastritis, and auto-immune disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, addison disease, guillain-barre syndrome, arthritis, colitis, lupus, celiac disease, eczema, scleroderma, psoriasis, cardiomyopathy, graves disease, and HIV
Is our God good or what? He has made some of the most amazing plants, veggies, fruits for us — I can’t believe I didn’t study them sooner 😩

There’s probably a really good quote or something to type here but I’m just simply in love being surrounded by pampas – my new favorite type of grass that flowers 🌾 #pampasgrass

planted not buried 🌸 there’s so much happening underneath, God’s plans for you are abundant, more than you can ask for, bigger than you think, superadded, specific for you, beyond what you’ve been dreaming — my pep talk everyday

“When you stop answering to your old names— they stop having power over you.” What is your New Name? One that you have claimed this year? Beloved? New creation? Friend of God? Delivered. Forgiven. God’s child.

These are all His promises for you.
When you start reading the Bible like a love letter from God himself — it is one of most refreshing Truths you can wash over yourself.
Chosen. Accepted. That’s you. If anyone says otherwise — don’t believe them because there’s nothing further from the truth. @treymitcham x 〰️ #itiswritten #ihaveanewname #hosannapoetry #giveaway @zoefortuna

MINI-REVELATION for the beginning of your week. Because @iammiketodd blew my mind with this explanation of Psalm 1. 🔥 What in the world does standing in the path of sinners even mean? Let’s go to the definition of “path”: A way or a track laid down for walking made by continual treading... so a PATTERN. A path is made by a pattern. You only make a path if there is a continual pattern of the same thing. So if we’ve been walking in a certain way, and we continue walking that certain way - what happens is - a path is created. The question is - is it a path of a sinner? Those repetitive little white lies, looking at those images, silently judging someone’s Instagram photo & before you know it you seem to be negative/critical of every situation in your life, taking a little bit at a time hoping nobody noticed you take it… And all these little small things became a habit and you didn’t even realize that you were creating the path of a sinner. What are some small things you do everyday that have created a pattern? It’s important to not walk in a way that leads to death (Proverbs 14:12). #plantednotburied #transformationchurch / P.s. this bible collection from @alabaster_co is amazing, I love the simplicity and beautiful design.😍 Use code LIANAMIKAH15 for 15% off yours

🔈 A little recap of #wildflowerstorynight along with a sound bit of a little part of some of the wisdom @anastasia.fomenko poured into us. SooOoo good 😭🙏🏽✨ @liyakozlov @lenaskitchenblog @fortheloveoffloral @eclectic.home.staging @oursundaycoffee

What. a. night. I honestly am left speechless. God exceeded my dreams far beyond me. He did way more than I imagined. More than I asked for. I am in awe. Wildflower. Story Night was a vision I had at 12 years old — on a smaller scale — but I see this as just the very beginning of what God has been writing in my story. This only feels like the first page. I cannot wait for what He will continue to write. The stories I heard, the tears wiped, the prayers said, the songs sung... everything is so deeply etched in my heart. Thank you to every single gal that came and joined my story, my process. I am so thankful to be a part of yours now. It’s an honor. I can’t wait to hear more of God’s goodness over your story. The enemy has no power over us. We confessed our lies, learned the truth and now let’s run to the Word of God — our Father’s love letter to us. 😭💕🌸 #wildflowerstorynight #tellyourstory #storytime #womenofGod #storynight #narrative #mystory #Jesus #shereadstruth

Ya’ll blueberries are changing my life! Not even kidding.
🍓 Blueberries improve strength & strengthen eyesight 🍓🍓 Remove neurotoxins out of the liver
🍓 Sky-high levels of antioxidants 🍓 Blueberries search out potential disease, monitors stress, and toxicity levels and figure out the best way to heal you 🍓 Blueberries are brain fog fighters, fatigue erasers, and gut healers 🍓 Blueberries help with skin complexion and naturally heal eczema, acne and all sorts of skin issues (they have more antioxidants than green tea, vit A, vit C and Vit E). 🍓 Blueberries give you youthful looking skin and brighten up dull and sun damaged skin (LADIES, go eat those berries!!!) I could go on and on…. I can personally attest to the benefits above. Blueberries are my new staple in the mornings with a squeeze of lemon juice and some flax seeds. So delicious and so good. Thank you @medicalmedium + @floliving for changing my life & outlook on how I take care of my body.
And above all, thank you Jesus for being so creative and for creating all sorts of good things for us! You literally care about every detail. Every thing is so well thought out and you know exactly what we need to thrive, not just survive. You amaze me every day. 😭💕 P.S. where is the blueberry emoji @instagram?! A 🍓 will do for now, I guess

“While you’re so busy doing, be careful of who your becoming”. So often we are tempted to measure our success by what we DO. Our identity and value become rooted in our works, our self-love contingent on our performance and production. We ultimately let what we do define who we are. But boy oh boy did I learn the hard way last year just how dangerous that can become. A few days ago I was feeling so frustrated and worthless by my lack of "doing" in this season. For the past 7 months God has had me in a process of focusing more on WHO I am than WHAT I am doing. It has been hard, challenging, and down right embarrassing at moments! I have felt like a failure and a joke at times! I've felt left behind and irrelevant. But, these testings & the removing and stripping of everything I have once defined myself by, has revealed so many root issues within my soul and my identity.
Take away your works, and who are you? Take away your job, your spouse and your children, and who are you? Take away your money, car, home, and assets, who are you? Take away your friends, accolades, degrees, and titles, who are you? Take away your website, social media, email list, your network, who are you? If we allow ourselves to be defined by what we do, by our titles and by who loves us, then when those things are tested or tried, when people walk away, or when assignments end... we are left in an identity crisis looking for the next opportunity to make us temporarily feel better. We spend our lives trying to ensure none of those things leave or fail, serving the gods of social media, opinions of people, money, success, degrees, marriage, family, etc. Continued ⬇️
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“Be the woman who fixes another’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.” 🌼 #lessonlearned #wisdom #lovewell #speakwell #encourage #treatlikeyouwouldtreatyourself @clobennett @caleali @allysonmrowe

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