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Liana Louzon  artist • photographer • mom • explorer • urban hippie • creator •pacifist • believer • dreamer • friend Founder of @rockingvibe "WE ARE ALL CONNECTED"

It’s that time of year finally!!!

Playing hooky - took the kids to Niagara Falls for the day. Love seeing the 🌍 through their 👀. @marklouzon

I want to be 5!!! Had the best time celebrating my “rockets” 🚀5th birthday 🎂
Levy Indigo you are such a fun and frog loving bundle of unique wildness and you light up my world. It was an adventure of:
🐸 frog hunting
🐍 snake releasing
🛵 trailer rides and of course on of your favs
🎨 rock painting

Thank you @hbeonlinemag for the feature .
#Repost ・・・
@rockingvibe |🇨🇦
I came to Canada when I was 14 from Moscow, #USSR and while learning the new #language and #culture I discovered jewelry making. I learned to be #intuitive with people due to language barrier which served me well in life. After #University I became a self-taught #photographer in the #commercial# fitness #space (I shoot for #reebok, #Lululemon, #Goodlife…) as I am able to #communicate using #image #composition. When I became a #mom I #rediscovered the #passion for jewelry making and using my #ability to express through my #creations Rocking Vibe evolved.. continue reading this @ (profile link)

When @marklouzon takes a new @rockingvibe CEO image for a media feature and my beautiful friend @heatherwenman from @studiohartistgroup just updated my hair so I feel fab and share haha. It’s not often my vibe doesn’t resemble #mommode lol.

Strong like daddy @marklouzon

Just over here at @therichmondto at media den pitching to @chatelainemag @besthealthmag @pinkandbluemag @todaysparent @notablelife to name a few. Thanks @coganpr for setting this up! #rockingmyvibe

Gym friends 💕

This is what really happens when you leave for the eve @marklouzon 🤪

Today was about family and traditions. Every year when the ground begins to thaw we tap some of our maple 🍁 trees, have a few friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 over, and make a ceremonial fire 🔥 burning our Christmas tree 🎄 -saying goodbye to winter ❄️ and welcoming spring 🌱
It is one of the days I look forward to all year!
We spend a day outside, ate great food, shared awesome stories and my ♥️ is full. This is my sacred time and what makes all the hustle and bustle worth it! Thank you @marklouzon for building this dream life with me and @coachlilcuz @gillianmandich @becstone55 @bulps1 @jcoopermsu11 for making today truly epic.

Levy got his very first plant today to take care off! He named her Rosie and he is so excited to raise it. I loved taking him to my fav place to pick out his “baby”. He took his time searching out the ONE lol. It made my ❤️ smile. 🌱

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