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Liana Fidai  I'm 17 and I love to paint and cut sculptures on the tips of ✏️ In search of one's style🌿

Flamingo (Phoenicopterus) made in collaboration with @salavat.fidai
of the pencil Perpetua® @perpetua_la_matita

Her name is Audrey. She's a fashion designer🌿Now she lives in France and she is very inspired by this country.
Her favorite season is autumn 🍁

Pare specie of the eagle-owl ✨✏️🦉

Geometric Instagram 🌈📸

Storm Trooper from Star Wars

Her name is Jane. She likes reading and her favorite book is "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen🌿

Her name is Lilia. And her favorite animal is flamingo 💕Аnd what is your favorite animal? #paint_lf

Her name is Nani and she is a vet. She very loves animals and she is a vegetarian. Her favorite country is Spain ☀️ #paint_lf

Her name is Eve. She is studying to an architect. She loves to draw and take photos. She was born in Canada. her favorite country is Japan 🍃 #paint_lf

My favorite picture of my works. #paint_lf

Her name is Margaret and she is very kind. She has a dog Alice. She is loves travel and her favorite country is Australia.🍃 #paint_lf

Letters of the English Alphabet from crayons "Crayola" by Salavat&Liana Fidai

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