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Liam Andrews-Bancroft  B Biscuit. Bouldering pics mostly. Currently trying to curb a sugar addiction.


@kaiwebs testing out Ceadas (v11) yesterday. Nice line over a sketch landing with some tenuous moves up high--certainly on the list for next time. -
#climbing #bouldering #newenglandbouldering #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

@brycev123 making his leg do inhuman looking things while flashing Brett's Mom (v10) on a sweaty day at Pawtuckaway. October is not delivering like it usually does... #climbing #bouldering #newenglandbouldering #globalwarmingtemps

If you've watched my insta story in the past couple weeks then you know how excited I am about our new set on the @centralrockhadley 45 degree training wall. We were inspired by the #moonboard fad and decided to keep a long term set up so we could document the problems we do and have long standing projects. @ssengebush made an amazing map of the wall and we've been storing everything in a well organized google drive folder. Looking forward to seeing the progress over the next year!!!! #climbing #bouldering #newenglandbouldering #training #notrelatablecontent

A few goes before the send on Touching the Sky Low Left (v12) a few weeks ago. At first I wasn't too keen on this problem as it didn't seem like the most obvious line, but I was pleasantly surprised by how rad the bottom sequence was. Especially that foot dyno!
#climbing #bouldering #newenglandbouldering #tbspraybecauseihaventclimbedoutsidein2weeks #madrock #definedbypassion

#tb, two Marches ago. First crux on Double Down (v13). This has still gotta be the lowest percentage move I've ever done, bumping into a small slot with a bizarre drop knee toe cam. I think it took me at least 6 days to stick. Maybe more. It's hard to beat the feeling of finally unlocking something that feels impossible for so long. 📸 is me sticking it for the first time ever, only to punt the next move. Luckily I satched it up a few goes later... #climbing #bouldering #newenglandbouldering #greatbarrington

Employing different tactics for the top of "May it Be" a couple weekends ago. Usually avoid toe hooks but this one was too cool.
#newenglandbouldering #bouldering #climbing

--Art Project (v11/12), Rocklands -- Since school is overwhelming and stressful, throwing it back to happier times. This was one of my favorites from the summer- steep tension climbing on good edges is such a fun style. And gotta love a good back-flag ! !
#climbing_pictures_of_instagram #bouldering #climbing #rocklands #keeprocklandssoft #midterms

More @kaiwebs action from yesterday- this time on May it Be (v11) another one we ran a good train on. @dianuar kicked it off before the rest of us arrived and me, @troyf42 , @d.j.kat , and Kai followed suit. This one has some stellar moves. .
#newenglandbouldering #bouldering #climbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

West Mass was wet but Smuggs provided! Great first real day of the fall season here in New England. 📸@kaiwebs on the takedown of Touching the Sky Low Left (v12), spurring a send train with @troyf42 and myself!
#newenglandbouldering #bouldering #climbing

#Repost @undertheradarbouldering ・・・
@liamab had a bit to much coffee today and lil buddy had to get some energy out.
Some fun silliness from the gym today. I think to myself-What is climbing? Am I enjoy climbing? I want to know more. .
#bouldering #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #puresilly #parkour #climbing

Well, it's still too hot to actually climb, so the reminiscing continues. This one is King of Limbs, v13😤 -- My first trip to Rocklands two summers ago I shocked myself by climbing through the crux on my second day of trying, but I unfortunately dropped the comparatively easy end and then got too injured to ever try again. I was determined to tick it off this past summer, but to my dismay a new injury kept the first move from being doable which caused a pretty intense wave of frustration and sadness within me. This one looms ominously in the back of my mind as the one that got away. Who knows when it will be, but when I do go back again, revenge will be sweet. .
#bouldering #climbing #rocklands #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #brokenbiscuit #keeprocklandssoft

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